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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Think My Friend Is Right

I fractured my right foot.  My friend, Lisa, made a statement that I was not too sure about.  She said that this was God's way of getting my attention.  I was a little confused by this. Why would God want to get my attention by causing me such great physical pain?
The problem actually started this past Friday evening.  I had been taking care of our tenants' dogs.  I took the dogs for a walk on Friday evening.  Everything went well with that, the dogs were well-behaved, and I didn't trip or fall.  But later that evening, my left heel started to become extremely painful.  I had been having pain for several months but I just attributed it to the plantar fasciitis.  I quit running several months to try to help the condition improve.  However, I continued to work out and go to Zumba and Kickfit classes.  As long as I didn't land hard on that heel, I was fine.  Until Friday night.  By Saturday morning, it was painful to walk on it.  But I was determined to get some house-cleaning done.  Tim had taken off to do his thing and left the kids with me.  I tried to clean house but after a couple of hours, I had to give up.  Between the extreme pain in my heel and the kids fighting and whining something fierce, I just collapsed onto my bed.  By Saturday evening, the pain had subsided some with the aid of ibuprofen.  The tenants had 4 window blinds that needed replacing so I decided to get that done that evening.  I got the kitchen blind done and 3 of the bedroom blinds finished.  As I went to put the curtain back up on that last bedroom window, the step-stool gave way beneath me and I landed on the floor. I started to get up but fell back to the ground because of the extreme pain in my right foot.  I barely made it down the stairs.  I quickly gathered everything and cleaned up the mess and hobbled out to the car. By this time, it was after 11 pm.  As I drove back to my house, I had a feeling that I may have done more than sprain my foot, especially because it really hurt when I pressed my foot on the pedal in my car.  I made it into the garage where Tim greeted me at the door, thanks to the dogs waking him up.  He helped me get into the house and onto the couch.  I noticed my foot was very swollen.  Great, now I have 2 feet in extreme pain.  I took a couple of ibuprofen and I ended up sleeping on the couch where I kept my foot elevated on a pillow.
When I woke up this morning, the pain seemed to be slightly better. Last night, I wasn't so sure about going to church with my family.  But this morning, I thought that I would be okay.  Lisa was going to drop off some crutches for me to use.  We got to church where Tim was kind enough to drop me off at the front door before he parked the car. By now, both of my feet were really hurting again.  It was almost impossible to walk without hobbling.  Of course, people noticed which made me feel a bit embarrassed.  I was able to get us a seat and within a few minutes, the rest of the family joined me.  Then suddenly, Tim and Ben were gone.  It was just Jackie and I.  It appears Ben was having bad behavior again so he spent most of the church service in the car with his daddy.  By the end of church service, my feet were in much more pain, probably because I was unable to elevate them.  The pastor's wife, MaryLynne, insisted that I go to the emergency room.  Tim, of course, agreed.  I was trying to justify not going.  I hate waiting in ERs and I was hoping to just wait to call the doctor first thing on Monday morning.
So after church, we went home for lunch.  Then Tim took me to the ER.  Surprisingly, there were no other patients in the waiting room.  I was seen immediately for triage then taken to a room.  (I was in and out of that ER in little over an hour.)  X-rays were taken of both of my feet.  The verdict:  a serious fracture of the 5th metatarsal on my right foot and serious bone spurs in my left heel.  No wonder.  And both of my feet are pretty useless right now.  So, I have a boot on my right foot and I have a pair of crutches.  It's still difficult to maneuver, though, because the weight bearing still causes pain on my left foot.  I have to all an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  It's very possible that I may have a cast placed on my right foot, although I am hoping the doctor agrees that the boot will be sufficient.  The bone spurs?  I don't know.  Several people have already told me that so-and-so had to have surgery to remove the bone spurs.  Mine are pretty bad, so who knows?  I hope I won't need surgery and the doctor can recommend a more conservative treatment.  I do know that I need to have one of my feet pain-free.  I've always been thankful for good health.  But I've always taken my feet for granted.  No longer will I take my feet for granted.  Believe me when I say that it is almost impossible for me to walk on either of my feet.
This morning, when I was talking to Lisa, she shared my concern about my fear of not being able to go to the gym.  Then she stated that God was trying to get my attention.  At first, I was a sort of confused.  Why would God get my attention in this manner?  And if he was trying to get my attention, then why couldn't the fracture occur in my already lame foot?  The thought of missing out on Zumba, Kickfit, and working out was depressing me.  This past week, I made it to the gym just twice because the fitness rooms were closed all week for the floors to be refinished.  I am usually at the gym 5-6 days each week.  So, I was already feeling a bit bummed about missing my workouts and classes.
Tonight I was talking to another Zumba friend/instructor and she was so encouraging.  Having been a professional ballet dancer in previous years, this friend could understand what I was feeling and what I was worried about.  She has incurred injury that had sidelined her, too.  And she came back stronger than ever.  I sure hope that happens for me.  While I was talking to her though, it suddenly occurred to me that Lisa might be right.  Maybe this was God's way of getting my attention.  If I had not fractured my right foot, I would not have gotten a definitive diagnosis of bone spurs.  I had not planned on seeking treatment for the pain as I figured the only thing the doctor would say is to rest, rest, rest. And possibly some physical therapy.  There is no way that I can just rest, rest, rest.  Maybe for a day but not for an extended period of time.  So, thanks to my fractured foot, I was also forced to seek treatment for the left foot.  But I would still like to ask God why he couldn't just let me break the left foot instead of the right foot.  Because now?  I walk like a 90-year old lady. And I have double the pain.
So, hopefully I can get an immediate appointment with the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  It's going to be extremely difficult for me to be sidelined for 6 weeks.   But I will never, ever take my feet for granted again.

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