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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crazy, Crazy Week

In more ways than one, this past week was CRAZY!  It was full of ups and downs, good and bad.
Jackie enjoyed her first full week of school this past week.  She seems to really enjoy and she really likes her teacher.  I also received a note that I have been selected to be the head room parent this year.  I'm looking forward to having a bigger part of Jackie's school year this year.  Jackie has been bringing homework home.  It's mostly stuff that she learned in Pre-K and Kindergarten.  Jackie complained that she's done this before and the work is too easy.  I had to explain that Mrs. W just wanted to make certain that everyone else knew how to do the work before she started on the harder stuff and that she just needed to be patient.  But I can tell you one thing for sure.  I am so glad that I do not have to homeschool and that I can take advantage of the free public education.  Jackie is soooo pokey with her work and I just do not have the patience for it.
Jackie never ceases to make me laugh with some of her expressions lately.  This past Monday, Jackie started back to gymnastics. I picked up Jackie after school and she asked if I bought her a new "what's that thing called? A body-tard?"  Her words.  It took everything in me to stifle the laughter.  Jackie was just too darn cute.  Then before dinner time, Jackie asked what I was making for dinner, then she proceeded to look in the crockpot in which I had prepared crockpot turkey.  Jackie:  Ew, I don't like that.  Can you make me something else? Me: No.  Jackie: Why? Me: Because I'm not a short order cook.  Jackie then had this perplexed look on her face for a few moments before she asked me if I was a long cook.  She was on a roll that day with her kid-isms.
Ben started his school this past Tuesday.  He was excited and I was so ready for him to start.  Ben's speech has really picked up lately and he's becoming much more intelligible.

Wednesday, Tim started to prep the area below our deck so we could fill it in with concrete rock.  It was also a day of confirmation that Tim's ADD is not a figment of my imagination. As he was looking high and low in the garage, Tim asked if I had seen the sledgehammer. I told him that I had just seen it a couple of days ago.  Now by this time, Tim had made his way to the area where we keep the lawncare equipment.  Lo, and behold, I see the sledgehammer, right where it was just days ago. And Tim was standing right directly in front of it as he asked me where I had last seen the thing.  I pointed and when Tim saw where I was pointing at (right in front of him, in plain sight) I could see Tim sort of jerk his head back, mumble "oh", grab the sledgehammer, and walk out the side door of the garage.  Not even a "thank you."  But I did secretly thank him for the good laugh. 
Thursday was Jackie's therapy day.  I had a routine dental appointment that afternoon and I had just enough time to pick up Jackie from school and take her to her appointment in St. Louis.  If Jackie works hard at therapy and the therapist gives me a good report, I usually reward Jackie with one of her favorite candies, Laffy Taffy.  That day was no exception.  Jackie started to enjoy her candy while the therapist went over that day's appointment when suddenly, Jackie appeared back in front of me with a look of shock on her face.  Then she said that she lost her tooth.  I saw the gap where the missing tooth used to be.  But where was the tooth?  I figured she probably swallowed it with a piece of the candy she was eating.  I tried to reassure Jackie that the tooth fairy would still visit her because the fairy would know that the tooth was in her belly somewhere.  Then the receptionist handed me a tissue.  I placed the remainder of Jackie's Laffy Taffy on the receptionist's counter while I helped Jackie with the tissue.  A few moments later, I heard the receptionist asked "Is that it, in the candy?"  I looked and, sure enough, there sat Jackie's tooth.  Thanks to Laffy Taffy, Jackie lost her 5th tooth.  And to top it off, this was the 2nd tooth that Jackie lost at therapy.  She lost her very first tooth at therapy.

Isn't she cute?  I just love that little girl.
Here is a picture of Dumb Dog aka Lucy.  She is so goofy.  This is how I found her, asleep sort of under the coffee table in the living room.  No dignity:

Friday afternoon, as Ben and I waited at the bus stop for Jackie to come home, he and I played in the grass.  We were having a good time until Ben suddenly grabbed the bottom of my top and lifted it up.  Way up.  Like indecent exposure-way up.  And... a neighborhood boy just happened to be riding his bike in circles there (I assume he was also waiting for the bus).  Yep, my son caused me to indecently expose myself.  
For the past week, Tim had been picking up concrete rock so we could fill in underneath our deck on the back of our house.  Ben had a blast helping his daddy move the rock into the back yard.  He had his own little wheelbarrow.

Isn't he just so cute?
Saturday was a rough day with the kids.  My left heel started to become extremely painful the evening before.  I tried to clean the house for a couple of hours but had to give because of the pain in my heel.  On top of that, I was left alone to deal with 2 very unruly children, especially Ben.  I am just about at the end of my rope with him.  He hits me and his sister and he throws things or pushes things off of tables when he gets  angry.  He has also been getting into everything (food, glue, knives) even when those items are out of his reach. Ben has been figuring out ways to gain access to these items.  I have my knives placed way high in a cabinet, food placed high in the pantry, a child safety lock on the refrigerator, etc. but Ben is outsmarting us.  This behavior does have me a bit worried.  I have placed Ben in time out, taken favorite toys away, etc. when Ben hits me or his sister or throws things/pushes things off tables, but to no avail.  I've done everything I can think of and he still continues this behavior.  It is really getting out of hand.  With the pain I was experiencing, my tolerance and patience with Ben on Saturday was almost nil.  We have an appointment this week for Ben to see a behavioral specialist.  This behavior continued this morning to where Tim ended up sitting with Ben in the car during church.
Saturday evening, Jackie was back to being her cute self again.  In fact, when I tucked into bed and kissed her, Jackie informed me that I have a sweet little head.  What?  I don't know where she got that from. I've never called her head sweet and little.  Jackie has been really cracking me up with some of the stuff she is saying.  
Then Sunday afternoon saw me visiting the local emergency room.  That story will be in a following post.

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