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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Compassion Continued

Some of my readers may remember when I first wrote about a precious little girl named Carrington.  I have her blog button on the side of my own blog. Her parents adopted her from Europe.  Little Carrington was rescued just in time.  As soon as her new mom arrived with her on US soil, Carrington was immediately taken to the children's hospital where her condition brought doctors and nurses to their knees.  Carrington was so close to death.  But this little girl is a fighter.  And she has taught so many people about compassion.
Here is my original post about her:
Here is the latest update on Carrington:  Carrington is truly a miracle.  This latest post brought happy tears to my eyes.
Even though I consider myself a compassionate person, this week has been eye opening for me.  I've had more opportunities this week than any other to interact with the special population.  Today was no exception.  Soon after I arrived at the commissary to shop for groceries, I noticed another mom with her son in tow.  It was obvious to me that her son had some special needs.  I knew by some of his behaviors that he was somewhere on the autism spectrum.  His mother was so patient and so loving while she shopped.  I could tell that some customers were probably annoyed by this 10-year old boy.  But, my heart went out to this mom because I can relate to the stress and to the stares that she was probably experiencing from others.  I kept hearing her call him by his name, which happens to be my own son's name.  Eventually, she and I exchanged pleasantries and ended up talking about our special children.  Her son has Asperger's syndrome. She was so kind and I could see that she was relieved that at least one person at the commissary didn't look down on her and showed compassion.  Her son was precious and I told her so.  It made me feel good that this mom was encouraged by my comment.   

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