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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bible Reading Plan

I recently started reading the Bible again.  I also recently got a new cell phone with this cool app called YouVersion. It has many different Bible plans to choose from.  I really like my phone because it makes it much more convenient to read from my daily plan, especially when I don't have access to my hard copy Bible.  And I really like this app because it's just so much easier to decide what to read on a daily basis. 
Somebody recently suggested that I try to blog about each day of whatever Bible reading I am doing.  I think that is a great idea.  I finished my 15-day plan on Finding God last evening.  But today, I started a new plan titled "Compassion: A 14-Day Journey."  I can't really explain why I chose this particular plan other than that I think I am a fairly compassionate person.  So, I will try to write a daily update on this Bible plan.  Tonight's reading was primarily just an introduction and it talked about God's covenant with creation.  We are supposed to take care of not only our fellow humans, but the earth and all inhabitants.  I love this reminder.  As I have gotten older, I have become more conscientious about taking care of our earth by recycling and reusing whenever possible.  I am passionate about human life (well, maybe not my own so much) and I have no problem rooting for the underdog over the popular one. I have a heart for special needs people, well before I was gifted with my own special needs children.  I love sweet, old people and I enjoy hearing the stories they tell.  (This makes me miss my Great Grandma).  I love animals and have been known to make Tim stop the car so I can rescue a turtle from a busy road.  Snakes? Well, that's a different story. For all I care, God can make those creepy things extinct.  And spiders, too. 
I glanced at tomorrow's reading and I must say that I am excited to read it in full.  I may even have a lot to say about it.  So stay tuned.

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