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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Medical Update for Jackie

Yesterday was a great day.  Much better than I had ever anticipated.  Jackie had back to back appointments to see her foot surgeon and the eye doctor. I was expecting to get surgery dates for her left foot and the left eye. 
Last Fall, Jackie's foot surgeon told me that Jackie will need the 2nd stage of her cavus correction, this time on the bone.  We were set to have the surgery performed this past January or February.  Jackie fractured her clavicle (for the 3rd time) a couple of days after Christmas.  Because of that, the foot surgery was put off temporarily.  After Jackie's clavicle healed, I began to have second thoughts about the foot surgery.  It was just so difficult to see my daughter in so much pain after the last surgery.  It was much more painful than the heel cord release surgery she had at age 23 months. I never called the doctor's office to reschedule the surgery.  After a few months passed and after talking with Jackie's physical therapist about the surgery again, I made an appointment with the surgeon to discuss the impending surgeon and schedule a time for it.  That appointment was the first of 2 appointments yesterday.  X-rays were taken of Jackie's foot before she was to be seen by the doctor.  We waited and waited.  As good as this surgeon is, it is quite frustrating to have to wait all the time.  This doctor is not known, at all, for seeing patients at their appointed times.  I believe the least amount of time I have waited with Jackie in the exam room before actually seeing the doctor is 45 minutes.  It's not unusual to wait up to 2 hours.  This day, we waited nearly an hour before the doctor came in.  He looked at Jackie's x-rays, looked at her foot, evaluated her gait, manipulated her foot again, and more.  Then he made the most unexpected comment that he didn't think surgery was going to be the right thing at this time.  I was extremely surprised.  This was not at all what he talked about last Fall.  But I was happy and Jackie was even happier.  Jackie remembers the pain from the last surgery.  Before we left, the orthotist came in to take impressions of Jackie's feet to fit her for another AFO. 
I have to share a funny while we waited in this doctor's office.  Since I left Ben with a babysitter, Jackie had my full attention.  She was quite the chatterbox and talking about many different things.  Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, Jackie says "Remember when we were at our other house and you were fat?  And remember when we moved to our new house and you were fat before you did Zumba?"  I couldn't help but shake my head and chuckle at the randomness of her comment. 
The next appointment was to the eye doctor just one floor below.  Two months ago, the ophthalmologist told us that if there was no or just very little improvement with Jackie's left eye, then he would go ahead and recommend the surgery.  I was very open to this as it has been such a battle to get Jackie to wear her eyeglasses.  She battles us with the patching techniques, too.  Tim and I were quite comfortable about having the eye surgery done.  So this day, I was actually expecting to get a surgery day, hopefully before school starts in another month.  We didn't actually see the ophthalmologist this time.  We saw the O.D. who is very familiar with Jackie's case.  We discussed the eyeglass and patching battles since the last appointment.  We discussed the possibility of surgery.  Jackie, hearing all of this, speaks up and tells the O.D. that she did not want surgery.  The O.D. looked at Jackie and explained to Jackie, once again, how important it is that she wears her eyeglasses and cooperate with the patching.  Jackie told her that she likes her Dora glasses (the ones that were run over, of course).  She wants Dora glasses again and she promised she would wear them.  Well, sorry kiddo, Dora didn't come through for us the first time, I doubt that she would come through for us again.  Apparently, Jackie has quite the voice because Jackie is getting her way of no surgery for now.  The O.D. allowed Jackie to promise, once again (this time, a pinkie promise), that she would wear her eyeglasses and cooperate with the patching.  Of course, with all the broken promises, I'm holding my breath on this latest promise.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that we just can't go ahead and do the simple eye surgery and get it over with.  I was just hoping for one less battle with Jackie.  But alas, time will now tell if Jackie will have the eye surgery.  And we'll just try to continue the battle between Jackie and her eyeglasses.
So, we spent all morning/early afternoon at the Children's Hospital where I was fully expecting to have at least one surgery scheduled, but we came away with the good news of no surgery right now.  Well, at least the postponement of the foot surgery is good news to me.  That is one decision that I am glad to not have to make for at least another 8-9 months. 
Despite the fact that my children keep me busy with all of their various therapy appointments, I am very thankful to God that they have experienced good health otherwise. 

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