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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I am proud to be an American.  And I love patriotic songs.  I remember my home church in Florida always celebrated July 4th which included patriotic songs during the church service.  I miss that.
I went to church with my family yesterday and was quite disappointed that there was very little recognition for this very important holiday.  The orchestra played a patriotic piece but it sure would have been nice to include a couple of songs for the congregation to sing.  I felt that the worship portion of the service was just all about religion with no regard to our country's fight for freedom.  Freedom to even be able to worship in the way that we can, unlike so many other countries.  A freedom that should be recognized and celebrated even in churches.  A freedom that I wish we would have sung about in church yesterday. 
So since I enjoy patriotic songs, I am including links to a few of my favorite pieces.  Make sure you mute the music on the sidebar of this blog.
O, America by Celtic Woman
I'm Proud To Be An American
National Anthem
American, "the song"
America, the Beautiful
I love my country America!

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