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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Figure Competition Night

Tonight, for the first time, I went to a body building/figure competition.  My friend, K, and I went to support our personal trainer, M, who was competing for the second time.  I'm glad that I went, although it does not make me aspire to be on stage strutting my nearly naked body.
K and I had no clue what to expect.  We got our tickets and sat down just in time for M to be introduced (along with about 120 others) at the beginning.  I did not realize there so many classes for judging: women's bodybuilding, mens bodybuilding light and heavy, beginner and novice figures, bikini, extreme fit, mixed pairs, open figure short and tall, and the list goes on.  Before K and I knew it, nearly 2 1/2 hours passed before our trainer was finally onstage.  M did a great job.  She has worked so hard this past year.  And I believe our cheering section for M was the loudest out of everyone in the entire theater. 
There were some interesting routines for sure tonight.  Especially in the men's division.  VERY interesting.  Some that I was not even too sure what to think.  But my favorite for the men's bodybuilding (well, actually 2 favorites) were Smiley Elmore (think Powerteam) and another guy (can't remember his name) whose routine song of choice was a Casting Crowns piece.  Awesome.
There was a mixed pairs division.  The pair consisted of a mother and her son.  The mother has 5 children.  The son was just 15 years old but he did great.  Of course, being the only mixed pair to compete in this show, they won 1st place.  Or would that be last place?  
Despite the fact that the women's outfits (if you want to call it that) were somewhat revealing, many of them were actually quite beautiful.  But still, I am not inspired to parade myself on stage like that.  I really admire my trainer for that but then, she has the body for it. (I used to have that kind of body but those days are long past)  I was really impressed by the number of women over age 40 and even in the upper 50s.  And they looked good.  The 57-year old really inspired me.  She looked fan-ta-stic. At least, on stage she looked fantastic. And the 46-year old looked like she was 26 years old. She did great, too.  In fact, if I remember correctly, both of these women placed 1st in their respective categories. A few of the other women competitors had had babies in the past year.  I think the youngest baby mentioned was 6 months old.  And those mothers looked good, too.
As inspiring as some of those women were, going to this competition was a reminder to me that I will never perform in a show such as this.  I'm too fussy.  I would not be able to tolerate the tan (err, body paint?), the glitter on the eyelids, the very high-heeled platform shoes, the poofy hair, heavy make-up, the bleached white teeth.  Perhaps it's my sensory issues holding me back?  Nah, it's just not for me.  I mean, some of those people were painted so dark and their teeth were so bleached white that when they smiled, it hurt my eyes.  Literally.  It reminded me of the Toddlers and Tiaras show where the little girls use these bleach white flippers and paste on their best fake smile when on stage. 
I was impressed with the number of competitors who expressed their faith on stage tonight, whether it was through their song choice or verbally giving credit to God.  And a couple of the girls were so thankful to God for giving them the opportunity to compete and/or be fit.  I don't know about you but I think I would have to thank God for not striking me dead for strutting my stuff on stage with strategically placed... um... pieces of beaded fabric? Like I said, I'm inspired but I have no aspirations of pumping my muscles on stage.  But I am inspired to continue to stay fit.
Congratulations to my trainer, M, for a job well done! Now take it easy and enjoy some chocolate.  And pizza.

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