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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birds and Bunnies... and Snakes! Yikes!

This week has been a busy one for watching nature unfold.  Well, that is, if you exclude my killer mini Aussie.  I thought Aussies were herders, not hunters. You can read that story here.
I did not know that wild bunnies can hop soon after birth.  That was evidenced to me on Friday evening.  That night after I let the dogs out into the backyard, I went to check on my orphan bunny.  After I rescued the bunny on Thursday afternoon, I put him in a large shoe box with a couple of old towels and I placed the box on top of my antique dresser.  But when I looked in the box Friday night, the bunny was not in there.  I panicked and looked around the dresser. I even got a flashlight to look behind and under the dresser.  No bunny!  Now I was really frantic.  I was worried that my killer mini Aussie had somehow reached the box and enjoyed what would have been his last meal.  I looked under and behind my nightstand, still to no avail.  Finally, I looked under my bed and there he was!  Phew!  I quickly grabbed him and immediately went down to the basement to look for a taller box.  Thankfully, we had one and that is where baby bunny has been residing ever since.  Apparently, my little renegade bunny crawled or hopped out of the shoe box, fell about 3-4 feet to the carpeted floor, and made his way underneath my bed.  He's a survivor, for sure. I am amazed at how quickly he has grown since Thursday morning when I first saw him.  His ears are starting to stick up and his fur is growing in really well.  He really looks like a bunny now.  My goal is to keep him alive until 4 weeks when I'll be able to release him to eat up what's remaining of my and the neighbor's plants.  (just kidding, although I'm not so sure my neighbors would be pleased to know that I saved a wild bunny)

I love it when I can watch nature unfold.  Unless if involves snakes and other creepy, crawly creatures.  We have a barn swallow bird nest at the top of our porch.  I think barn swallows have the cutest faces.  Although Tim was not too pleased about the amount of bird, umm, crap along the side of the house, I have enjoyed watching these birds tend to their nest.  A couple of weeks ago, using a small ladder and a mirror, I was able to check the nest.  I was excited to see 2 eggs in there.  I checked them every couple of days.  Last week, one of the eggs hatched.  The other egg never did hatch and I believe the bird parents eventually tossed it over.  I continued to check on the progress of the lone baby bird.  Today, I got a good glimpse of it as it was leaning over the nest.  I got the mirror to look in the nest and as I was doing that, one of the parents acted like it was going to dive-bomb me.  It would be so cool if I actually catch the baby bird's first flight.  I love that kind of nature.

I do NOT like snakes, though.  Poisonous or not, they are CREEPY.  I will no longer be weeding the landscaping in front of my house.  Last year as I was weeding in there, a snake suddenly bolted away and I nearly broke a leg in my quest to get away from it. And yes, I screamed like a girl, too. I had hoped that the snake was scared away for good but that apparently is not the case.  This past week, I found a snake skin in there on top of my bag of soil that I had planned on using in that area.   A snake MOLTED there!  Well, that area is now Tim's territory and his alone.  And Jackie's bedroom window will never be opened again.   I HATE snakes!  And lizards and spiders.  And anything else that doesn't have fur.  I like fish, though.

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