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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Edition of "The Joys of Boys"

I learned today another advantage of being a mom to a little boy.  I hope my little boy doesn't flame me after he reads this when he's older.
We had another full day today.  The kids and I spent time at a friend's house this morning.  My kids, as usual, acted as if they are deprived of such pleasures as juice and cookies at our home.  One of the first things my kids asked for at this friend's house was juice.  Being such a kind person that my friend is, she gave the kids some juice.  My kids, being so deprived, promptly sucked the stuff down even after I warned them not to.  Not five minutes later, Jackie comes to me pleading that she is thirsty.  My friend was so kind to mix some Crystal Light for my kids. My kids' bladders are usually very sensitive to sugary or sweet drinks and I must admit that as a result, they are deprived of such sweet, sugary concoctions at our home.  Thankfully, the kids showed no ill effects involving their bladders.
After visiting my friend, Ben had a speech therapy appointment after which we had to head to St. Louis for Jackie's occupational therapy appointment.  I made sure the kids were pottied before we left for St. Louis. I had just enough time to drive into St. Louis, fill up my car's tank (gas is cheaper in St. Louis), and get to Jackie's appointment.  Unfortuately, about 1/3 of our way, Ben started yelling "potty".  Shoot, all the sugary concoctions were finally catching up with him.  Dang.  What do I do?  I was on the interstate and I knew I had to get this little boy to a potty lest we have an accident.  I got off at the next exit.  What do I do?  Take both kids out of the car and go into the Hardee's?  If I did that, we would definitely not make it to Jackie's appointment on time.  See, my kids are very pokey.  What takes you and I just 2 minutes to do, times it by 10 when you add my kids to the mix.   I had to come up with a plan and quick.  I saw the Hardee's and was headed in that direction when I noticed a small, quiet-looking street ahead.  Aha, perhaps I could just stop over there.  Good idea, right?  Well, I got to the street which was sort of behind a hotel and I immediately got paranoid that I would get caught allowing my son to pee outside.  I also worried about potential predators.  I had to come up with an idea quickly as Ben was yelling "potty" and we just didn't have the time to stop the car, unbuckle everyone, walk inside the restaurant, go potty, and reverse the process.  I quickly looked around my car for a pull-up to put on Ben.  No luck.  Then I saw an empty water bottle.  Hmm.  Well, that was just going to have to do.  So, I quickly got out, unstrapped Ben from his seat, and had him stay in the back of the car, then had him go.  All the while, I was looking over my shoulder.  And Ben?  Well, he thought that was the funniest thing to do.  After he finished, he turned around and looked at his sister with the biggest grin and pointed to his accomplishment as I poured it out and threw the bottle away.  Hopefully, I won't be faced with this for awhile.  And hopefully Jackie won't get any ideas because it just won't work.  Let's face it, boys have more advantage in that area.
I called Tim to tell him of the pleasure (or displeasure) of helping out his son. Daddy couldn't be more proud.  It must be a man thing.

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