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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Boy Thinks He Can Hover Now

My boy is... well, he is just a funny boy. 
I have two admissions.  The first one is that I taught Ben to potty while sitting.  His daddy is a little non-plussed about it, though.  But until my boy is of the age that he can clean up his own mess and remember to ALWAYS put the toilet seat back down, then he is relegated to sitting.  Or if he so chooses, then he can use his father's toilet if he wants to stand and leave the seat up.  That's how we roll around here because we girls don't share a bathroom with boys (including the big boys) who insist that it's okay to leave the seat up.  No sir-ee! Call me mean.  That's just the way it is and I'm not changing in that regard.  Toilet seat issues are a huge peeve of mine and Tim has paid his share of fines in the form of flowers. Hence, why he has his own toilet now.
My other confession is that I hover in nasty restrooms.  I typically try to avoid public restrooms, especially the nasty ones.  Don't worry, I'm not one of those who leave "evidence" behind on the seat.  I'm at least kind enough to wipe off. And my kids know how strongly I feel about public restrooms which probably explains why they often feel the need to have a bathroom emergency no matter that they just went potty right before we left home.  Another reason I try to avoid public restrooms?  Well, it's a little uncomfortable to fit an adult and 2 little kids into a bathroom stall.  And usually, Ben gets busy contaminating his hands by touching every surface in the stall that I didn't think he paid that much attention to me.  But I'm telling you, the boy must have eyes in the back of his head as evidenced by his behavior today.
Yesterday (Thursday), Jackie had her OT appointment at Children's Hospital therapy center.  One of the bathrooms in the center has this cute little toilet and the kids like to use that one.  So this afternoon, toward the end of Jackie's appointment, I told Ben to go potty before we headed home.  I got him into the bathroom with the little toilet.  Ben pulled his pants down as usual and proceeded to sit.  I happened to glance down and noticed that he was...... hovering!  I gently tried to push Ben down and told him to sit all the way.  But those little hands of his were strong.  He was not sitting. He insisted that he needed to hover.  I couldn't help but burst out in laughter.  No way am I telling his daddy about this one.  Tim already thinks I'm corrupting his son with all my proper bathroom etiquette training.  The horror!  I've turned my boy into a sissy boy.   Only thing is, I don't use my hands to help me hover.  Heheheh.  Hmm,  who did all the training anyway?  And who had to clean up the messes?  Yeah, consider that, Buddy Boy.  My little boy's future wife is going to thank ME one day.  Heheheh.

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