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Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Kid Antics

My kids, especially Ben, were full of antics today.  This afternoon, I took the kids shopping for summer shoes.  Once we got inside the store and found the kid shoe aisle, Ben immediately went for the pink croc-type shoes and pink sandals.  But before he reached the shoes, he grabbed a hello kitty purse.  And Jackie, being the concerned sister that she is, immediately informed Ben that he needed to find boy shoes.  Of course, Ben was not going to let his sister control him.  Ben put on a pair of really cute, girly rain boots and ran around to the next aisle.  This all occurred while I was trying a pair of sandals on Jackie.  The boy is just plain wild when we go into shoe stores.  Or any store for that matter.  But especially shoe stores.  He likes shoes.  Girl shoes.
After deciding on a pair of sandals for Jackie, I turned my attention to trying shoes on Ben.  Poor boy, his heart was set on those girly rainboots.  I was finally able to convince Ben that the blue croc-type shoes were better.  And he as excited.  So excited, in fact, that he carried the box with the shoes to our next couple of errands, including his speech therapy session.  I tried to convince Ben to keep the shoes in the car so they wouldn't get lost but he wasn't having any of that.  Thankfully, everyone at the therapy center thought Ben was rather cute carrying his new shoes around.
After Tim got home from work, we headed to St. Louis to go see the Union Pacific 844 steam locomotive that was in town for an exhibition.  Tim and Ben are train enthusiasts.  They both enjoyed it as did I.  I don't think Jackie cared much for it.  Tim is not much for having his picture taken but he seemed excited that I offered to take a picture of him in front of one of the train cars.  It's a good thing that he's a good sport.  Here it is, heheheh:
As we started to leave, one of the trains on a neighboring track fired up and began to move.  The kids took off, too.  In fear.  It was sort of comical. 
After leaving the train, we went to Trader Joe's.  I was hoping the tiny kids' shopping carts would be gone by now.  But as luck would have it, Jackie spotted them right away.  So both kids had to have one.  Well, they terrorized the customers.  I had to whip out my wooden spoon several times.  That did the trick for just a few moments at a time.  Ben was getting to be more than a handful so we hurriedly went to check out.  At Trader Joe's, the cashier unloads the cart as they ring up the items.  Well, I was too busy trying to keep tabs on the kids and I didn't watch all of my stuff being rung up. I paid and out the door we went.  It wasn't until we got home and I started to put everything away that I noticed that my little renegade must have sneaked a couple of items into his little cart at Trader Joe's.  Gah.  
On the way home from St. Louis, we stopped to eat at a restaurant.  After we got seated, Ben had to go to the restroom. Once in there, Ben decided that he wanted to stand to potty.  Okay, fine.  He started to lift the toilet seat when he suddenly drew his hand back and said "uck!".  Hmm, I wonder where he got that from? 
This week has had some rough moments, including today, and my kids just seem more incorrigible than normal.  But they still manage to get a chuckle out me with some of their antics lately. 

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