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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Bunny

This morning, Tim let our 2 dogs out into the backyard.  When he looked out the window, he noticed the dogs were rooting around one area of the yard and when he investigated, he noticed a nest with newborn bunnies.  Unfortunately, the dogs killed 2 of the babies.  Before Tim left for work, he came into our room to let me know what had transpired. I asked him if the babies were okay.  He knows me all too well so he lied and said that the dogs got just one of the babies.  And he reassured me that the dogs didn't eat it.  I rolled over and went back to sleep with plans to check on the nest before I let the dogs out again. 
After the kids woke up, I gave them their breakfast and laid out their clothes for the day.  While they were getting dressed, I went out to the backyard to look for the baby bunnies.  It was not hard to find as there was a freshly dug hole covered with what appeared to be some sort of fuzzy material.  I believe it was actually rabbit hair.  I quick checked to see if the babies were alive and to try to count them.  I was able to see 3 babies.  I covered the nest back up and wondered what I could do to keep them safe from my dogs. 
I went over to a friend's house and when I shared with her my concern about the babies, M offered to let me borrow her portable outdoor pen to protect the nest from my dogs.  After I got home, I covered the nest with the pen before letting the dogs out.  Of course, I supervised the dogs while they were in the backyard and immediately made them go back inside the house after they were done with their business.  Then the kids and I took off for Jackie's appointment in St. Louis.  I called Tim at work with strict instructions to protect the nest before he let the dogs out after he got home from work.  He was actually waited until I got home before letting the dogs out. 
After I protected the nest with the pen, I let the dogs out while I checked for information about how to help these babies.  Unfortunately, Jackie came running in screaming that Dugan is trying to get the baby bunnies.  I immediately ran outside and yelled for the dogs to get inside and into jail.  Then I went to check on the babies.  Unfortunately, Dugan somehow managed to reach with his paws and pulled 2 of the babies of the nest and killed them.  I was very upset with him, to say the least. 
Now I was at a loss as to what to do with the remaining bunny.  I researched how to raise a newborn wild bunny and decided that to give this baby a chance, I was going to have to try to raise it myself.  It was either that or the dogs were going to kill this one.  As recommended on a couple of websites, I bought some kitten milk replacer.  Thankfully, it appears that I would have to feed it just once, no more than twice, per day. 
Here is a picture of the little orphan:
Tim is now proudly calling Dugan the baby killer.  Yes, Tim thinks the rabbits around here are a nuisance.  Well, they do eat all our pretty plants. 

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