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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Friend Needs Prayers

A friend of mine, G, has a beautiful Golden Retriever named Solomon.  He is very much a beloved member of his family and until yesterday, he seemed to be the picture of health at age 7 years.  Yesterday though, brought some terrifying news for my friend and her husband.  I am asking for all my fellow dog lovers to please keep Solomon in your prayers.  I am very good friends with G's older sister and I know these two sisters to be avid pet lovers who take extreme care of their fur-babies. I'm certain that G would appreciate prayers from anyone right now. G does not have human children so her fur-babies are so very important to her.  Here is a note from G's Facebook page:

(Saturday, June 11, 2011) Solomon came and laid down near me, and let out a loud whimper which got my attention.  As I looked over at him I could see he was breathing abnormally fast, like nothing I had heard before.  I called Jxxx (G's husband) and he took him outside and he said Solomon's head was down and didn't feel like walking around. He came back inside and immediately laid down, acting very lethargic. So, within a minute's time, he went from abnormally rapid breathing to a totally lethargic state. Within minutes, we were in the car, took him to our primary vet, they did x-rays and found some abnormal fluid around his lungs. They did a biopsy of that area and instead of the fluid being clear it was all blood. So, they then referred us to a nearby emergency hospital that has more testing equipment to run some clotting tests, perform an ultrasound, to determine the source of bleeding, to find out what's going on.

(Sunday, June 12, 2011) Solomon stayed overnight at the emergency room.  The doctor monitored him throughout the night to ensure he was not bleeding anymore, and he didn't, so that appears to have stabilized.  Regarding the source of bleeding, upon ultrasound, they located a mass in Solomon's chest, between his heart and lungs.  She said they could not determine if it was in the sack around the heart or in the mediastinum.  It is not that big (3cm x 2cm) so roughly about the size of a quarter.

The doctor suggested we be referred to an oncologist for a definitive diagnosis but that that would more than likely involve having a needle aspiration done.  She said that would be a tricky procedure on Solomon given the location of his mass.

She said that both Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are susceptible to developing hemangiosarcoma and she is thinking this might be what Solomon has but without an oncologist making the definitive diagnosis, she said she is speculating.  Without doing the tricky needle aspiration, she said we could go ahead and treat him "as if" he had this.  She said several times that this would be a risky procedure to do on him, given the location of the mass.

So, assuming the worst.........

J and I have been reading that once a dog is diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma it is usually in the advanced stages and they usually are given only 1-2 weeks to live.  This made for a long evening last night....many tears.

We are thanking God that we found this early because this is an aggressive form of cancer that usually spreads to other parts of the body.

J and I have unanimously determined, without any doubt, that we will begin to treat Solomon aggressively through holistic veterinary care and nutritional supplements.

Solomon will be on a raw diet and we will be incorporating supplements such as a Chinese herb, Yunnan Baiyao, which is known to successfully stop internal bleeding.  We have read stories of several pet owners who have successfully treated their dogs with this, saying it worked very well.

We have also read some encouraging stories of dogs diagnosed around age 6-7 with advanced stage hemangiosarcoma who have now reached their normal life span (14-16 years) with the addition of adding IP6 to their raw diet.  They mentioned how the IP6 kept the mass from growing in size, at minimum, and in some cases, reduced or eliminated the size of the mass all together.

We have read similar success stories of pet owners who added B17 to their dog's raw diet.  I was particularly encouraged to read these stories, of dogs having success with it, as I was somewhat familiar with B17, having already read about its effects on people with cancer.  (I had done some research a few months back and one of the books that speaks about it is "A World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin, a book that has excellent reviews on Amazon from people whose cancer has now gone into remission).

J and I feel like we have been hit by a truck...this came out of the blue and neither of us are prepared to lose our boy.

We were encouraged to read some success stories from pet owners who have successfully treated their dogs with guidance from holistic veterinarians, knowing that these dogs were diagnosed with advanced stage hemangiosarcoma, but yet are now living well into their senior years.  Knowing that Solomon is in the early stages makes us feel there is hope!  And, our sweet boy is certainly worth our fight!  Please keep him in your prayers as we undergo this journey together.

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