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Friday, June 3, 2011

First Swim Lessons

Ben and Jackie started swimming lessons this week.  I had been putting off lessons because I was afraid they would be turned away after the first lesson.  My kids like to be in the water but they hang on to me, to the point of nearly choking me, whenever they get in the water. 
I signed the kids for lessons at the YMCA with the reassurance that if the assigned classes that my children were in did not work out, then they would be placed in an earlier beginner class. 
Jackie was excited about the idea of swimming lessons.  She kept asking me when June 1st was. Was it today? Was it tomorrow?  Ah, finally.  She was excited.  I was a little nervous.  Nervous that it wouldn't work out. 
The lead instructor talked to us parents and explained that we were required to stay in the observation area in the event that our child needed to go to the restroom.  Bummer.  I was hoping to use that time to get extra workouts in.  As the instructor finished explaining everything, I suddenly felt a couple of little arms wrap around my legs.  Surely, it wasn't either of my kids.  I looked down and sure enough, it was Ben.  Oh no.  My heart sank for a moment for fear that Ben was getting ready to go into meltdown mode.  But surprisingly, he did not.  When the instructor told Ben's class to go sit on the top step of the pool, he followed his peers over there. I was so proud of him.  As I watched from the observation area, I was pleased to see Ben and Jackie following instructions from their instructors.  So, thankfully it looks like these lessons are a-go.

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