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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ben, the Safety Boy

Anyone need a Safety Day representative?  I've got one for you.
Yesterday, the kids had an appointment at St. Louis Children's Hospital Safety Stop.  That is such a cool little place.  I learned awhile back, during one of Jackie's many appointments there, that one can purchase new bicycle helmets and have them fitted properly.  Until yesterday, I was unaware of the other services offered at this place.  For those of you located in the St. Louis metro area, the Safety Stop is located on the 2nd floor of the parking garage to St. Louis Children's Hospital.  You can buy new top quality infant carriers and booster seats.  The nurse helps you pick the most proper fitting seat for your child.  I believe they will also check out your current child restraint seats and help make sure they are installed correctly in the vehicle.  There is also a great selection of safety items for the home and car.  This is all in addition to the bike helmets offered there. 
The kids were so excited to get new helmets and I was even more excited that the nurse showed me how to get the proper adjustments on the helmets.  And even better was the price for each helmet.  And the helmets are top quality.  I left there with 2 home safety items and 2 bike helmets for $20.  I would have easily spent $50-$60 at Target on all of that. 
Ben was so excited about his new helmet that he held onto it in the car on the way home.  This morning, as we were getting ready to leave the house for Ben's medical appointment, Ben saw his helmet and insisted on taking it with us.  Okay, no problem as long as it stays in the car.  As soon as we arrived at the clinic, Ben refused to leave his helmet behind in the car.  He insisted on taking it with him to his appointment.  Ben got a couple of looks from strangers but they smiled at the cuteness of it all.  While we waited in the exam room for the doctor, Ben decided that he wanted me to put his helmet on his head.  Okay, I was cool with that.  After all, he kept trying to dive across the room on top of the doctor's rolling chair.  That's my Busy Ben.  The doctor finally came in and she thought it was the cutest thing that Ben was wearing his helmet.  I offered his services as a Safety Day Rep.  We both got a good laugh about it.  When it was time to leave, I tried to take the helmet off of Ben but he refused.  Oh boy.  I was a bit embarrassed at first with my child traipsing behind wearing his bike helmet in the medical clinic. 
Our next stop was the gym where I had an appointment with the trainer.  Again, I tried to get Ben to leave his helmet in the car but he refused again.  I just sighed and said "come on then."  We got inside and as soon as I got the kids to the playcenter there, the workers all looked up and almost in unison laughed and said "Look at Ben."  Again, I offered his services as Safety Day Rep.  I thought for certain that Ben would get tired of the sweat that was almost certain to be building up underneath that helmet.  I fully expected him to take the helmet off before I was done working with the trainer.  But nope.  As soon as I walked in the playcenter, there was Ben, still with that helmet on.  I just had to shake my head and laugh.  And my trainer got a kick out of it, too, and commented how cute it was.  I have to admit, he was pretty darn cute and I think he knew it.  We left the YMCA and Ben still wore that darn thing all the way home.  Silly boy.

Anyone need a really cute Safety Day Representative? 

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