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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Funny Girl

Jackie never ceases to make me laugh.  Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  And she comes up with the funniest sayings.  This afternoon, Ben got into Jackie's markers and hid one of the colors. He refuses to tell us where the marker is although he did give us the cap to it.  So, Jackie confiscated one of Ben's favorite toys until he returns her purple marker.  A while later, Jackie tried to get Ben to tell her where the maker is.  He refused again.  Jackie then told me that Ben absolutely will not tell her where the marker is.  Absolutely?!  Hmm, I wonder where she picked up that word? I couldn't help but laugh.
So last night, Jackie and Ben painted window suncatchers as gifts for teachers, teacher aides, and therapists.   They also made picture frames.  Since Jackie didn't finish her suncatchers last night, she worked on finishing them as I prepared dinner.  After I came home from Zumba tonight, I asked Jackie which of the suncatchers she was going to give to whom.  She had 3 of them; one each for her teacher, speech therapist, and school physical therapist. The suncatchers she chose last night to paint included a money, a flower, and a butterfly.  Jackie is my artistic child and she did a beautiful job painting them.  So she picked the butterfly for Mrs. Franklin (speech therapist) because "she was the best and the butterfly is prettier".  Then she chose the flower for her teacher.  Then she said the monkey was to go to Ms. Peggy (physical therapist) because it wasn't as pretty and she didn't like it.  For a moment, I wasn't sure if I heard Jackie right.  So when I asked her to clarify why the monkey goes to Ms. Peggy, Jackie said the monkey goes to her because she hates physical therapy. Well,  Jackie must hate monkeys, too. 


Stephania Andrade said...

It's one of those "kids say the darndest things" moment!
I love the fact that kids just tell it how it is and if they want to give the ugly monkey to the teacher they like least then they do it with no regret!

Samantha said...

Stephania, you are absolutely correct. Kids are so funny and brutally honest. Thank you for reading.