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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Funny Girl

This child of mine keeps me in stitches with her comments.  And she comes up with some good ones, too. 
This past weekend, she was just full of them.  On Friday, Ben was being a little fresh and kept honking me.  I moved his hands and told him no. Of course Jackie, being the bossy one, had to get in on the action.  She told Ben to "leave Mommy's rests alone."  Then she looked at me and told me that she wanted big rests like me.  I gently reminded Jackie that they are breasts, not rests.  Hmm, we've had this sort of conversation before.  A couple of years ago, Jackie walked in on me as I was getting dressed to take her to school.  Jackie came over, pointed up at my chest, and said, "Mommy, when I get older, I'm going to the store so I can get bigger ones of those so I can feed my baby."  I just about fell over with laughter at that one.  Being just 4 1/2 years old, I told Jackie that she can't just buy them but when she gets older, they will start to grow.  Last Friday, I just chuckled followed by "uh huh".  These things are a pain in the neck.  Literally.
On Sunday, as I was taking Jackie to choir practice, a ballad started playing on my car stereo.  It's a beautiful song and instantly became one of my favorites when I first heard it.  One of the lines goes "Sometimes love will make you cry."  Jackie (with a very concerned voice):  "Love will make your cry?"  Me: "Yeah, sometimes."  Jackie (still very concerned and sounding incredulous): "Really?!"  I stifled my laughter, but it took everything to not burst out with laughter.  This was a stark reminder of just how much my little ones hear and pick up.  By the way, here is the song:   Worth It.
Today, Jackie had early dismissal from school.  After school was dismissed, I took Jackie to her physical therapy appointment.  Since it was a beautiful day, albeit a little hot, after the appointment, I took the kids to this park located right behind where Jackie receives her PT.  The kids enjoyed it and got along so well.  Jackie even helped her brother by pushing the swing for him.  I enjoyed watching them play so well.  After an hour passed, we headed home.  Ben took a short nap which continued after we arrived home.  Jackie went outside to play while her dad mowed the lawn and I prepared dinner.  It was such a nice afternoon and early evening.  I went to my kickfit class and after arriving home, I started to get the kids ready for bed.  Jackie started her "I'm hungry" chant. She wanted ice cream.  Since it was already bedtime, I offered Jackie a small amount of ice cream or none at all.  Jackie didn't like that and started to whine about it.  I told her she had a choice.  Take it or leave it.  She was not getting more.  It was already bedtime.  And if she was really that hungry, she wouldn't have "accidentally" dropped her green beans onto the floor.  Jackie started to scream.  I took the ice cream away and marched her to the bathroom to brush her teeth.  She continued to go into total meltdown mode.  I finally got Jackie, kicking and screaming, into her bedroom where she continued to try to manipulate me with her hunger chant in between screams  In the meantime, I had to deal with Ben, who was also in meltdown mode because I threw his dinner away.  The dinner he never even touched and didn't intend to.  So, while Jackie is kicking and screaming in her room, Ben is writhing about and kicking on the family room floor.  Such a beautiful day turned into the evening from hell.  God have mercy on me.  I was determined to keep my cool although I had already started to lose it with Jackie for a few moments.  I finally had enough of dealing with Ben before his father finally took over.  I then went into Jackie's room to lay down with her and explain to her why she was having to face consequences.  She continued her hunger chant in between big sobs and screaming.  I kept trying to explain to Jackie why her actions resulted in her having to face consequences. And I reminded her that I still love her.   In between sobs, Jackie was trying to say something that sounded sort of like "I just don't love you."  I just reminded Jackie how much I love her and that I only want what is best for her and that's why we can't let her have control over us as her parents.  Jackie kept trying to speak in between sobs when I finally heard what she was trying to say just moments earlier.  "I just... don't... know... what... to do with you."  I could not help but burst out in laughter.  Only Jackie.  And the poor thing continued to sob as I rolled with laughter right next to her.  I don't know what's better; that or the card she made me a couple of months ago here.  That's my girl and I love her as difficult as it gets at times.  And yes, love makes me cry sometimes, too.

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