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Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Home

And my house is a real wreck but my kids are alive.  They survived the weekend alone with their daddy.  Yay!  I have to say that I am proud of Tim.  I was just slightly irritated about the condition of my house but kept my flaps closed.  That is a huge improvement compared to previous times.
Before I arrived back home, Tim had taken Jackie to the church for choir practice and for Awana Awards night.  Knowing how challenged Tim is when it comes to coordinating clothing for the kids, I asked Tim what Jackie was wearing.  From his description, it sounded like Jackie might actually be presentable, with the exception that she was wearing flipflops.  In 40-some degree, rainy weather. Flipflops!  Before I returned to the church, I grabbed a matching set of clothing for Jackie just in case she actually did not match.  And I grabbed some socks and a pair of closed toe shoes for her.  I am sooo glad I did so.  By the time I got to the church, Jackie's Awana class was in the mult-purpose room waiting in line to go into the sanctuary for the award presentation.  I quickly took a look at what Jackie was wearing and gasped in horror.  Oh. My. Word.  Jackie had on NAVY BLUE high-water corduroys, one of Ben's size 2T BROWN shirts, and a pair of flipflops.  I told Jackie's teachers that Jackie and I were headed to the bathroom for a quick wardrobe change.  They looked a little perplexed until I pointed out what Jackie was wearing.  Then they laughed.  How on earth Tim decided on a shirt from Ben's closet is beyond me.  The kids do not share a closet nor do they share a bedroom.  I specifically remember hanging that particular shirt in Ben's closet on Thursday evening as I was doing all my laundry duties.  I know it was in Ben's closet.  With Jackie's full closet of clothes, I just could not get why Jackie had this shirt on that was obviously way too small on her.  I realize Jackie, at 6 1/2,  is a tiny girl at 38 pounds but oh. My.  I just had to shake my head.  And laugh.  The sleeves were about to cut off Jackie's circulation.  As little as she is, Jackie still looked like a little Good Year blimp wannabe with her limbs trying to bust out through the too-tight sleeves.  Well, at the least the shirt described Jackie well with "Beware, trouble heading your way."  Uh huh.  I rushed Jackie into the bathroom and quickly got her changed.  And I asked Jackie who picked out the outfit.  She told me "daddy did."  Yep, I knew it.  And he said Jackie picked out the clothes.  Busted!  Kids don't lie about this stuff.  Plus, there was no way that Jackie was able to reach for the hanger holding that shirt. Ha!
After Jackie and I got home, I took a better look around at my house.  Wow, it was a mess.  For sure.  And be proud of me... I didn't gripe.  Well, at least, not out loud this time.  And not until I looked in the dishwasher and saw that it was not being loaded my way.  Evidence abounded of take-out food and plenty of snacks being consumed.  Dirty dishes sat in the clean dish drainer. Gross! Jackie's school lunch box from Friday sat on the floor at the entrance of the kitchen, not emptied. Jackie's backpack sat next to the doorway to my bedroom.  The sofa was piled high with toys.  Two of the dining chairs were in the middle of the family room with a blanket over one of the chairs and the container of Chex cereal sitting on the floor between the dining chairs.  I just had to shake my head.  Again.   But Jackie was so proud of herself.  She kept her room clean all weekend.  Wow, she really does want new bedroom furniture.  Poor thing has her heart set on a loft-style bed with a slide and a ladder.  Still not happening, though.  I can just see now how the kids will have that thing destroyed in no time. 
After I got the kids into bed, I asked Tim how everything went all weekend, beside the condition of the house.  Apparently, everything went well.  I would say so, with all that take-out eating.  No cooking.  No cleaning. Kids eating whatever they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want.  They lived life to the fullest while I was gone. 
Then Tim told me how Jackie took over my mother role yesterday.  Apparently, Ben was having no part of it as evidenced by all of his "no" responses.  Jackie trying to be Ben's mother;  how cute.  And cute Ben was not going along with it.  Then Tim said that Jackie kept repeating a lot of my complaints, especially "this place is a pigsty."  Now, I nearly wet my pants busting out in laughter.  Now that was FUNNY.  Hmm, do I really say that a lot?  For some reason, I was afraid to ask Tim.  But, it is a stark reminder that I have to be careful with my words. 
Even though I was able to get a little break from my kids this weekend, I did miss them and I was so happy to see them when I got home.  The ride home went well.  My friend, K, and I enjoyed a nice conversation with our group leader.  It was so neat to hear about her adoption story.  And one of the kind ladies provided us with some music after our stop at Taco Bell.  She was quite talented and it didn't involve instruments, either, if you get my drift.  It was rather humorous and those of us around her got a good laugh from it. 
I need to get my house cleaned up again so I can get back to reading my new book.  I was able to read another chapter in it while on the bus. I am thoroughly enjoying the book. It is just what I need right now.  I rarely get into a book such as this but this is one book that I'm sure I will be able to read again and still learn something new from it.  It's that powerful.  My anxiety is greatly decreased. Even despite the fact that I came home to a wrecked house.  Literally, it was wrecked.  But you know what? As much as I hate it when my house is wrecked, I am so thankful that I even have a house to come home to. 

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