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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Awesome Neighbors

This week has been a whirlwind.  It was full of appointments, as usual, but it was also full of exciting events. 
The week began by meeting our brand new neighbors.  One of our neighboring houses has been a rental house for the past year.  The last tenants were temporary tenants and mostly stayed to themselves but they were always pleasant and would say hello.  They moved away several months ago and the house sat empty until Monday when a moving truck pulled up and the movers started to unload.  I got the opportunity to meet the new neighbors later on that day.  The husband is in the Coast Guard (yes, in Illinois coming from Wisconsin).  The wife homeschools her older daughter.  They also have a toddler daughter.  The husband is not in town, yet, but he will be joining the family in a few weeks.  The wife's father lives with this family and he seems very nice, too.  I look forward to getting to know our new neighbors in the next few weeks as we seem to have a lot in common.
I love the street we live on because there are so many children on this particular street.  And now we have 2 more with the new neighbors. Now that the weather is getting nicer, it is so nice to see all the kids out having fun, riding their bikes and scooters.  I even enjoy seeing all the neighborhood dogs walking their "parents" and enjoying the nice weather, too. 
This past year, our neighbor across the street has been in Des Moines.  She and her husband, along with their 2 children moved into the house across the street from us a year ago in March.  The husband is in the Army and the wife is in the reserve.  Our kids were close in age with our daughters being the oldest and our sons being the youngest.  I was so excited that Ben was finally going to have a little boy neighbor/playmate close to his age.  Unfortunately, less than 2 months after moving in, the wife was called up and transferred to Des Moines.  So, she and her 2 children moved into an apartment there.  My kids missed their new friends terribly.  Whenever J and the kids came into town, Jackie and Ben would get so excited and immediately beg me to go over so they could play with their friends.  I am so glad that J is finally back in town for good (that is, until the Army moves them again).  Jackie was so excited to see J's car in the driveway and immediately started to run across the street to go play with J's daughter, A.  Jackie was a little sad that A and L (the boy) are at their grandparents for the week. 
Yesterday (Saturday) was a beautiful but crazy day.  During the morning, a little white dog showed up near our yard.  I didn't recognize the dog and she seemed a little scared.  I ran out to the sidewalk and motioned for her to come to me.  I was surprised that she came right to me.  I noticed right away that she had a collar with a tag.  I yelled for Tim to grab a leash so I could walk the precious dog home on the street over from us.  I got to the dog's home where the owners were surprised to see me holding their dog on their doorstep.  They had no idea that the dog had gotten out.  They were so appreciate.  They introduced themselves and invited me in.  It turns out that these neighbors have been living in this neighborhood for just a year.  And they are very nice.  The wife asked me where I go to church and when I told her, she shared that that was where she and her husband got married.  She invited me to come over anytime.  She even invited the kids to play in her backyard where she has a swing set for her grandkids. 
Yesterday, I surprised the kids when I bought them a water balloon pump.  Jackie went next door to invite her friend, T, to join in on the fun.  They were so funny.  The kids threw them at each other.  T and Jackie even went back next door and surprised T's dad when they tossed balloons at him.  The girls were giggling as they ran back to my house after ambushing T's dad.  They were having so much fun and I loved watching them.  Of course, I was sort of in on the action, too, as I was the one filling up the balloons for them.  The girls even tried to ambush a couple of their little friends who happened to walk by.  Then they ran across the street to try to surprise J. But J outsmarted them.  She must have been watching from a window because when she came to her door, she wouldn't open the screen door.  The girls were cracking me up with their attempts to fool J to come out.  Every now and then, J would crack the screen door open and I could hear her joking around with the girls.  I finally went over there to try to rescue her from the girls' persistence. 
I feel so blessed to have such awesome neighbors, two of whom I met just this week.  I feel so sad right now for my neighbor across the street, J, as I learned late last night that one of her dogs passed away suddenly around 9PM, moments before her husband was supposed to arrive back home from D.C. This, after she was enjoying my kids' water balloon antics.  I gave her a sympathy card today as I know all too well the pain of losing a beloved pet. 
This morning, I did not plan on going to church as Tim was working hard trying to replace our fence.  I just didn't feel comfortable going by myself.  But, Jackie said that she wanted to go but that she wanted to go to the church next to our neighborhood.  I agreed to take her.  When it was time to go, Jackie asked if she could ride her bike there.  Ben also wanted to ride his bike.  So, I got their helmets on and off we went to church next door.  Everyone who greeted us at the door thought it was adorable to see my kids ride right into church.  The greeters especially got a chuckle of Ben who refused to get off of his bike.  As soon as one of the doors opened, he took off and coasted right into the foyer.  It was quite a sight.  The greeters actually encouraged us to keep the bikes inside so they wouldn't get stolen.  That was really nice.  I got the kids checked in and went to find my best friend, who attends that church.  On my way into the sanctuary, I encountered my new neighbor and her kids.  Awesome.  I got into the sanctuary and found my friend.  After I said hello to her, I went to find a seat in the back of the sanctuary.  I didn't get too far before I encountered the neighbor whose dog I found.  Awesome again.  She was a greeter this morning so we talked for a bit.  She seemed sincerely happy to see me at church and again invited me to her house anytime. 
I feel so blessed to have such great neighbors.  I look forward to getting to know these new neighbors.  I am excited to have J back in town.  And I am so happy that our neighbors on the other side of us (where Jackie's friend T lives) are awesome as well. 

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Stephania Andrade said...

congrats on your new neighbors!
Hopefully you and the new neighbors can form a great relationship with the kids.