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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Awesome Gift From My Children

 Today was a beautiful day to celebrate Mother's Day.  I woke up to a still clean house after working all day long cleaning my house.  I wanted a clean house to celebrate today.  I got that and more.  Tim cooked breakfast for the kids this morning and did an okay job cleaning up the kitchen.  The kids each gave me a bouquet of flowers and a CD.  Jackie also signed my card for everyone, including myself and the dogs.

Fancy that, I got a card from myself.  Jackie is so thoughtful, though, and funny.  I just love her.  Jackie also insisted that it was a fitting day for a cake.  I promised to take her with me to buy a cake this afternoon.
I thought Tim's plan was to take the kids to church and then come back afterward for us to go out.  But instead of going to church, they all went to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis.  I had a quiet house, all to myself, for 4 hours.  It was divine.  I wrote a letter to my children and then basked in the remaining quiet time. I even dozed off right before the kids came bounding back in from their little outing. 
After the kids got home, they both piled on me for more cuddles.  It was so sweet to have my little ones love on me with kisses and hugs all day.  After we cuddled a bit, I took Jackie to the store with me to go find a cake.  Unfortunately, it was slim pickings so I promised that we would go to another store after dinner at Olive Garden.
We  arrived at Olive Garden for an early dinner as Jackie had choir practice this evening.  As busy as the restaurant appeared to be, fortunately we did not have to wait very long for a table.  We enjoyed a nice meal with just a couple of gentle reminders to the kids about their behavior.  Unfortunately, Ben started to melt down toward the end of the meal.  Over what?  We don't know.  That's the joy (insert sarcasm here) of having a child with sensory issues.  Thankfully, the meltdown started right as we were getting ready to leave.  So Tim took Ben outside while I took care of the check.  Ben was still quite upset when Jackie and I got into the SUV but thankfully, he was back in a good mood by the time we arrived back home. 
Before taking Jackie to choir practice, I took Jackie to Sam's Club in search of the perfect cake.  Unbelievably, the only choices available were 2 French Silk pies, a very small lemon meringue layer cake, and a lemon berry cake.  Jackie turned her nose up at all of them.  We decided then that I would take her to choir practice and afterward, go to another store to try to find the perfect cake.  We ended up going to Walmart where we found yet another small selection of cakes.  Jackie finally decided on one and we headed home where she played outside and ate cake with her friend for a while before it got dark. 
For the most part, the kids were very well-behaved today.  And very loving toward me and to each other.  They truly were a joy to be with today.  I loved the kisses and hugs that they showered me with today.  The joy and love emanating from my children today was the best gift.  I sure do love them. 

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