Hi there-
I came across your blog tonight as I was searching on the internet.  Back in January, my daughter (17 months at the time) was diagnosed with "unspecified infantile cerebral palsy."  I am not entirely sure of the meaning of this diagnosis, and a CT/MRI was not done.  The diagnosis is strictly coming from the dr. observation.  Don't feel obligated to respond to this email, but thought that I would see if you had any suggestions for me.  It's nice to be able to talk with someone dealing with the same issues.  Currently we are receiving services from our local AEA - Early Access.  The PT visits once a month, and I don't feel that she is too helpful.  She basically just observes, and doesn't offer many resources.  I don't feel that my daughter's case is too severe, but she does have an awkward gait and her left side is weaker than her right side.  (She didn't start walking until 18 months.)  Her left foot turns inward.  I read on your blog that your daughter had the corrective surgery.  Did you feel this was  beneficial?   Our PT has discouraged us from this surgery, but like I said, I don't feel as if our PT is too helpful. 
So you have a little bit of an idea of who this stranger is emailing you, I am going to put a link to our family blog.  :) (URL deleted to protect privacy) 

If you have any encouraging words or advice for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!
(signed by a mom in a neighboring state)