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Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Note Day

When I picked up Jackie from school today, I noticed immediately that she had on some pants that did not belong to her.  Apparently, Jackie had a wet accident during the day so she had to wear these high-water pants that the school had written "WS" on every corner possible.  Being that I was not about to take Jackie to her piano lesson wearing that, I hurried Jackie to the car so we could go home for a clothing change.  As soon as Jackie got settled in the car, she broke the news to me that she got a red note.  What?! Oh no, not again.  Jackie received one other red letter earlier in the school year.  See here for that story.  As soon as I arrived home for Jackie to change clothes, I looked in Jackie's folder and sure enough, there was a red note.  After I read it, I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of receiving a this note telling me to explain the rules of school and then I have to sign and send back to school.  All because Jackie cut her hair during class.  And attached to the note was a little bag with a lock of the lopped hair.  I asked Jackie why she cut her hair when she just had it cut this past Saturday.  Her reason?  There was a long piece that kept getting into her face.  So, she took the liberty to lop it off herself.  Of course, it was such a small amount that she more than likely would have gotten away with it had it not been for a tattle-tale student.  So, Jackie got a red note and she had to sit by herself for time-out against the cabinets.  Jackie didn't seem too upset about the red letter, unlike the other red letter she received. I'm sure she understood how silly it was.

Since, according to the note, I must talk to my child about the problem so she will follow school rules, I told Jackie that she is not allowed to cut her own hair at school, or even at home, even if there is a strand that is bothering her.  I then told her that it's the school rule that she must ask her teacher for help the next time her hair is bothering her.  Hehehe. While I'm explaining these "rules" to Jackie, I am just about to burst with laughter at the absurdity of it all.  When Jackie's dad came home, Jackie told him about the red letter.  Apparently, it wasn't making sense because Tim looked over at me with a raised brow.  So, I showed the letter and the lock of hair to him.  He laughed, too.
Since I'm talking about my funny child, I should share about my other funny child.  This morning after I got Jackie sent off to school, I got Ben ready for school and fed.  I decided to slap on some make-up before I took Ben to school.  As I was applying mascara, I happened to glance down to see Ben applying my eyeliner.  To his cheek.  I told Ben to follow me to the hall bathroom so I could wash his face off.  After I made a quick detour to the kitchen, I turned around to see Ben wearing my eyeglasses.  The boy always cracks me up with his antics. Doesn't he look handsome with my glasses on?  If you look close enough, you can even see some of the eyeliner on the top part of his left cheek. 

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