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Monday, April 25, 2011

Provocative Clothing In Sacred Buildings

Before I get on my soapbox on this topic, I understand that the Bible says to "come as you are."  I am not often judgmental and I wouldn't apply this to a new visitor but when I see a regular attendee to church, I can't help but wonder.  Today for example, I noticed a picture of somebody that I know wearing a very revealing dress for church.  And it was posted on Facebook.  One of the first comments by another friend of this person was "you wore that to church? Wow, you're going to make a brother stumble."  The response?  "well, they all looked and they tripped over their feet. Haha."  As non-judgmental as I tried to be about it, I couldn't help but think how immature.  This girl is married.  In fact, her husband commented "come as you are not show all you got."  Hmm. Apparently, he doesn't approve but she must not care.  She'll do whatever she darn well pleases. 
After seeing this, I couldn't help but post this status on Facebook, especially on what, to many people, is a sacred holiday: "Call me prude but I believe that there is a time and place for dressing revealingly sexy and a church is NOT one of those places."  I was afraid, at first, that I would get flamed.  Surprisingly, all the responses I received were supportive.  It was interesting and fun to read the responses from my friends.  And it inspired me to write this entry, especially because this involves a very good friend back home and I know she is hurting deeply for her son mentioned above.
Now I'll get on my soapbox.  First, I am appalled to see the number of young people, and I mean as young as 7-8 years old, posting on Facebook, pictures of themselves (especially girls) in less than desirable positions and outfits.  What is the motivation there?  And what is it with little girl pants/shorts that have "cute" or "sweet" or even "sexy" on the butt.  Yes, I've seen little girl shorts that have "sexy" written on the butt.  Believe or not.  And no way is my daughter going to wear that at 6 years of age or as long as she is under my roof.  Daisy duke shorts on young girls bother me, too.  Do they even understand the purpose of Daisy Duke shorts?  
Another thing that I've been appalled at is what is being worn to prom in these past couple of years.  Again, I try to not be judgmental but I just cannot understand how parents are allowing their teenage girls (who are still legally children, by the way, until they turn 18) to wear such revealing dresses to prom.  I mean dresses that have a slit down the front way past the cleavage, dresses with no backs and very little in front (like just a strip connecting the top of the dress to the bottom), and dresses that might as well be made from bandaids with the amount of material (or lack thereof) that is used to make said dresses.  I cannot believe some of the pictures that I've seen posted on Facebook that show dresses that look like they were made to be worn at brothel.  Sorry for such a vivid description but I admit that I find the trend disturbing.  Where is the dignity? Why do some teen girls find it necessary to dress so provocatively for a prom?  And why do parents allow it?  I am aware that most schools have a dress code.  Does it not apply to prom, too?  I guess not.  Now I'm not talking about spaghetti straps or strapless dresses or tops.  I'm okay with that although I personally don't prefer to wear strapless tops.  I don't need to enhance my chest more than what is already there.  
I was told that there is a local boutique that refuses to order such revealing prom dresses.  Good for them.  Maybe it will get my business one day.  I personally find it trashy when I see such young girls dressed in provocative clothing.  
Now I'll talk about church.  I go to church with my family.   I'm not a religious person and I don't consider myself to be a strong Christian person.  I'm just a regular person who goes to church with her family.  But I still find it disturbing to see young people and even regular attendees dress in clothing that I would consider to be disrespectful in such a sacred place.  I haven't see it so much in our current church, thankfully, but I have seen plenty of it in other churches.  I can't help but shake my head at this.  Are they trying to catch a boy?  Again, what is the real motivation here?  Whatever it is, parents need to step up and take a stand.  My daughter (and my son) will be required to show respect in places that command respect and that includes wearing proper clothing.  I'll never forget my former pastor in Florida (now tragically deceased) who took a stand from the pulpit when he spoke against allowing our little girls to dress something like Brittney Spears.  I'm sure a lot of parents took offense at that.  Not me, though, and that was before my little girl came into our family.
Government buildings also deserve respect in regard to clothing.  I'll never forget a couple of years ago when I went to the DMV where I encountered a very distracting (or rather, disturbing) sight. I was waiting next to another couple for our numbers to be called.  Suddenly, this woman came strutting in wearing stripper stiletto heels (literally) and a pink outfit.  I'm not sure what the purpose of this outfit was (maybe I was actually in denial) but it definitely did not belong there.  The woman was definitely a spectacle as evidenced by the raised eyebrows and nervous glances coming from the people around me. The top part consisted of a top and some sort of jacket.  I'm not even sure I would have called it that.  Whatever it was, it was quite revealing.  But that was mild compared to the bottom part.  I don't even know why the woman bothered with the bottom part of the outfit.  You literally could see part of her buttocks.  Yes! Her buttocks.  She was wearing some sort of fishnet stockings underneath.  I recently told somebody about this incident and they did not believe me when I described the outfit.  But incredibly, it is true.  And the woman made sure that I was not the only one who noticed her.  The entire building noticed her and the room became very quiet as she strutted across the very front of the room to find herself a seat.  
There is also a reason for showing respectful clothing in courthouses.  Which would make a better impression?  Pants that hang almost to the ground with underwear fully exposed?  Or the business casual outfit?  It should be common knowledge that the person who is more professionally dressed commands more respect than the dude with the pants halfway down the legs and underwear exposed.  Part of the problem in today's society is due to lack of respect.  Lack of respect for self and lack of respect for others. 
Go ahead, call me old-fashioned or prude. Personally, I've always been modest and therefore, my clothing tends to be more on the conservative side.  But, for me, it has nothing to do with religion.  I'm not even religious.  It has everything to do with showing self-respect, showing respect for others, and especially showing respect for sacred places such as churches and government buildings. 

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