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Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh, The Horror!

I almost became a Walmart mom tonight.  You know, one of THOSE moms. 
The evening started out okay when I took Jackie with me to shop for her friend's birthday present.  First, we went to Lowe's to buy some plants and soil.  It quickly became apparent that Jackie was hopped up on the sugar that was served to her at her friend's house where she played before I took her shopping.  She kept walking away from me or lagging behind me as I walked the aisles in the garden department.  She grabbed things off of shelves.  She begged me to buy her the Dora the Explorer garden gloves.  Then she would sing. Loudly.  Then she recited random stuff.  Loudly.  She even got lost once but I found her in the middle of the next aisle.  Crying.  And she promptly told me that I walked away from her.  Grrr, yeah right, kid.   Whose kid are you anyway? Certainly, not mine. She did everything short of climbing the store shelves.
Our next stop was Walmart to look for the birthday present and card and to look at more garden stuff. On the way over there, Jackie kept repeating a couple of words crudely. Ugh, if only I had not promised this shopping trip for the birthday present.  Can you say embarrassment?
We got the Walmart and right away, Jackie started picking up random stuff and begging me to buy it for her.  Even begging for stuff that had no relevance for her.  It was really becoming annoying.  Then while I stopped to look at bathroom rugs, Jackie walked away from me but thankfully she returned quickly.  I reminded Jackie that she was to stay close by me or we would have to leave.  In a quick moment, Jackie walked away again.  Ugh! Now I'm really becoming annoyed.  When I looked in the next aisle and saw no sign of Jackie, I began to panic a little before a nice lady came around the corner and asked if I was looking for my daughter.  She then told me that an employee found Jackie alone and was walking her toward the front of the store at the very moment to page me.  Oh. My. Noooo!  I had to get up there before my name was blasted over the PA system. How mortally embarrassing that would be!
I started to run around the next corner toward the front of the store and to my relief, there was Jackie standing with a nice Walmart employee talking to the Walmart greeter. Whew! Saved from mortal embarrassment just in the nick of time. Jackie noticed me right away and broke into a sheepish grin.   I didn't even say a word.  I just sternly motioned for Jackie to come to over to where I was standing.  "But Mommy, I just wanted to look at something and that lady took me away."  Uh huh. I sternly reminded Jackie that she must not walk away from like that again.  The nice employee even gently reminded Jackie that she needed to stay with her mommy so that she doesn't get lost.  Then Jackie again told me that she just wanted to look at something.  Yeah right kid, did you not learn a lesson just a half hour ago at Lowe's? 
I don't know what was up with Jackie but she was totally off her rocker tonight. 

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