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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Children Are Funny Creatures

My children never cease to humor me, even during some of the most frustrating times with them.  This past weekend was Easter weekend.  Saturday night, I put together a Easter baskets for my kids.  Nothing fancy.  Just a small chocolate bunny, some jelly beans, marshmallow bunnies, and some marshmallow eggs in each of them.  I put the jelly beans and chocolate marshmallow eggs in those colorful plastic eggs.  They each also got some small gifts.  Jackie got a butterfly magnet kit and Ben got some new cars and a boat.  The boat was and still is a hit with Ben.  He carries it everywhere with him.  And he is still sleeping with it.  I knew Jackie did not like chocolate so I got her a white bunny.  And I knew neither of my kids like the marshmallow candies but they were just fillers to sort of make the baskets... Easter-y?  I just don't get into giving my kids big gifts on Easter. I also don't make a big deal about the Easter bunny although my kids do talk about it and apparently believe in it. 
So, Jackie got up early on Sunday morning and was the first to notice her Easter basket.  The first words out of her mouth after she looked in the basket?  That dumb, old bunny brought me chocolate and jelly beans.  Sorry kiddo, there was an ulterior motive there.  I like chocolate covered eggs and bunnies.  Heheh.  Jackie just cracks me up with the things she says.  Well, most of the time.
I say "most of the time" because of what happened a few days prior to Easter.  Two weeks ago, Jackie had a meltdown during her physical therapy session and she just would not let it go.  It actually started over something petty that had occurred before we arrived to her appointment.  The therapist tried everything to get Jackie to cooperate to no avail.  Finally, the therapist decided that she wouldn't be able to work with Jackie that day because Jackie was beyond inconsolable.  I felt terrible for Julie because she loves Jackie and has worked with Jackie since she was 9 months old.  But this was not the first time this occurred.  Jackie became even more angry and screamed at Julie.  It was not good.  At all.  The next day, Jackie said that she was ready to apologize.  We tried to call Julie but couldn't get ahold of her that day.  We tried again a few days before Easter.  I gave Jackie the phone and I heard her telling Julie about her red note that she got from school.  Then she told Julie about her goose egg on her forehead that she got from falling at Target.  I was listening for Jackie to apologize until I suddenly heard Jackie's voice change slightly as she told Julie that her "voice makes you sound ugly."  Oh. My. Gee.  I immediately demanded the phone from Jackie and I could hear Julie laughing.  I profusely apologized for Jackie.  Julie just said that "we know Jackie, she's just being Jackie.  We always knew she was a saucy little girl from day 1."  Uh huh.  Sure, but I still don't know where Jackie gets this stuff.  I don't talk like that to others so I know Jackie didn't learn that from me.  I was flabbergasted, to say the least. 
Yesterday, I explained to Jackie that I was going to be away on a trip this coming weekend.  Of course, Jackie's first question was whether I would be going with her.  I told her no and neither was Daddy or Ben.  She asked me why I was going.  I explained to her that I was going with a bunch of other women and that I would be gone for 2 nights. And that there would be no children there.  Jackie pressed me again and asked why and where I was going.  Hmm. So I told her that I was going away so that I could come back and be a better mother.  She then told me to come back as a "better mother than anyone."  Okay, kiddo.  Sure.
This afternoon, I waited on my front porch while I looked for Jackie's bus turn into our neighborhood.  The bus stop is right at the corner of my next door neighbor's yard.  Since it was raining, I ran to the bus stop and Jackie immediately ran under the unbrella.  As I turned around to walk back to our house, I saw Ben coming toward us, on his little 4-wheeler ride-on.  In the pouring rain.  After I told him to stay on the porch while I got Jackie.  (He can see the bus stop from the porch.)  So I told Ben to turn around and go back.  Ben just rode right past us right to the corner where the bus had already stopped. (Ben loves to greet Jackie at the bus stop.) I told Ben, again, to bring his toy and come home.  He looked at me, the pointed toward where the bus drove off.  I then realized that Ben still had not see Jackie under the umbrella.  So, I lifted the umbrella a bit and showed Ben that Jackie was already off the bus.  He then said "oh" and turned around to come back home.  He continued to ride his toy.  In the still-pouring rain.  And he took his grand time. Sigh.  I kept prodding Ben to pick up the toy and just walk to the porch.  But no, he continued to ride in the rain until he was able to park it safely on the porch.  Apparently, Ben doesn't mind riding in the rain.  And his daddy would be proud as I'm guessing this is a sure sign of a future dirt bike rider.  Um, no. In the meantime, I'm quite certain that my neighbors are probably thinking that I'm a swell mom for allowing her little 3-year old to ride his toy in the pouring rain.  Sigh again. But that's my funny boy!
Tonight, as I was trying to get the kids to wind down and pick up and put away their stuff and get ready for bed, they just kept bouncing off the walls.  And not listening to me.  And begging for more food (I don't feed them enough).  Finally, I just lost it and started yelling at them.  And I wasn't nice.  At. All.  Having a messy house and kids (& hubby) who feel it is their duty to make it even messier really makes me cranky.  So I lost it.  Finally Jackie piped up and said, "Mommy, you need to go away this weekend so you can come back and be a better mother."  Uh huh.  Thanks again, kid.  And thanks to her dad who quipped at the dinner table earlier in the evening that he hopes I enjoy the break this weekend because I must really need it.  You really think so, dear?  I wonder who needs the break from whom more?  Oh, and sorry for snapping at you before dinner.  Heheheh.
So, as I tucked my kids into bed tonight, I told them how sorry I was for losing it with them and yelling at them the way I did.  Jackie hugged me tight and told me that she hopes that I come back as a better mother this weekend so that when she asks to go to the toy store, I will say "yes" and then when she picks out a toy that she wants, I will say "yes" again.  Yeah, Little Girl, I see what your motivation is.  The answer is still "NO." I'm just mean like that.

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