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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Am So Excited!

I recently found a friend from high school on Facebook.  This is a friend who was a true friend to me in school. And one of the few people who accepted me despite my very unpopular status as a student. Unfortunately, I lost touch with her when I left that high school before my sophomore year.  But, I never forgot about her.
Charlotte was a true jewel.  I first met her in my Algebra class, a subject which Charlotte really struggled with. Charlotte often looked to me for help in that class and I was glad to be of help even though, at first, I couldn't understand why she always asked me for help.  I mean, why didn't she ask somebody else who was more important.   I can laugh about this now (and hopefully she can, too), but I remember a couple of times getting really annoyed and frustrated with Charlotte because I just could not understand why she couldn't get it.  I mean, what was so hard about Algebra?  This is sort of getting off topic but this also brings back another painful memory of being bullied.  I enjoyed Algebra and excelled at it.  And the teacher was awesome.  I'll never forget her name, Mrs. Kropinack.  Mrs. Kropinack surprised me at the end of the school year at an assembly by awarding me a High Academic achievement certificate for her class.  When she called my name, I'll never forget how the other students booed and hissed.  They hated me. But I'll never forget Mrs. Kropinack's response.  One could tell by her face that she was angry about the disrespect and the auditorium became very quiet.  I was embarrassed, though, and hoped that I was never called up for anything like that again.   It was so humiliating.
Because Charlotte looked up to me for help in Algebra class, we developed a really good friendship, one of the only real friendships that I had anywhere. She invited me to her house and I loved hanging out with her and her friends. They seemed to truly care about me.   I expected to be back-stabbed but it never occurred.  They really were my friends.  IHaving been bullied at school, I was a socially awkward kid but Charlotte didn't seem to mind.  She was so much fun to be with and it got me out of my severely dysfunctional home.  It didn't matter to Charlotte that I was ugly, socially inept, unpopular, didn't dress nicely, had Coke bottle-thick glasses.  She made me feel like I had some worth.  Charlotte was a great friend to me and I was so sorry when I moved away and lost touch with her.  I have never forgotten her and would occasionally wonder over the years where she was and what she was up to.  I even tried looking Charlotte up online to no avail.
Recently, Charlotte's name popped up on Facebook as somebody I may know.  I took a closer look and realized that it definitely was the Charlotte that I knew from high school.  Wow!  It's been well over 20 years since the last time I had contact with her.  So, I sent her a message. I was ecstatic that she responded back that she remembered me. Her note to me nearly had me in tears with joy. I was so happy to be back in touch with somebody who meant so much to me during my high school years.  
So this evening, I was finally able to talk to Charlotte this evening for a few minutes while on my way to Zumba.  Charlotte shared how much it meant to her that I helped her through Algebra.  And how fun it was when we and her friends hung out.  We were not party girls but we still had fun together.  That means so much to me to know that I had an impact on somebody even when I felt worthless.  Charlotte shared how she told her kids about me when one of her children struggled with Algebra.  She never forgot about me.  I can't tell you how much that means to me.  I am beyond excited that Charlotte and I have resumed our friendship.  And I can't wait to talk to her again this weekend. 
You know, Facebook has been good in many ways.  Until recently, I had not had any contact with anybody from my school years in North Carolina.  I didn't have close friends, I just didn't matter to anyone.  But in the past couple of years, I have received friend requests from a handful of people whom I least expected to hear from and it has been cathartic in a way.  These are people who have apologized either for themselves or for what was done to me.  And because of Facebook, I have been able to forgive and I have developed good relationships with those people.  It's been somewhat of a healing process for me.

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Angela McNaul said...

Found your blog post via bloggy moms. I am so sorry you were picked on in school. As a mom of a 11 year old daughter, who is sweet as can be, but a little "different" my heart breaks at the thought of her being picked on, or having no friends etc. If only we can protect our kids! I am sorry that you were treated bad, I wasnt popular in school but I also wasnt unpopular. I just was. I can remmeber the kids who got picked on clearly and its been 17 years since I graduation school.
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