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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great Easter Day

Today was one of the best days with my family in quite some time.  Even though the weather was dreary and Tim was cooped up in our room studying, it was a nice day.  Well, maybe with one exception when Ben clobbered Jackie on her back with his toy boat.  Ben had to serve in time-out as well as the boat. 
We went to church this morning as a family.  The choir did a great job with the special music and the pastor preached louder than I've ever heard him preach.  Even if he was sitting down the entire time. (I'll have to explain that in a bit). Jackie looked beautiful in her dress and Ben looked handsome.  I had a new dress picked out for Jackie but last night, she decided that she wanted to wear the same dress that she wore for her preschool graduation a year ago.  That was fine with me as she was still able to fit into it.
After church, we came home and enjoyed a light lunch together.  I then started to prepare for dinner.  I realize turkey is not a traditional Easter dinner but that's what I chose.  We rarely eat ham and we don't eat lamb so turkey it was.  Tim, being the humorist that he is, quipped at dinnertime that if there was stuffing in the turkey, then he would have thought we were sitting for a Thanksgiving meal.  Hahaha, he thinks he's funny and I must admit that it was kind of funny.  But in a sense, it was a Thanksgiving meal.  At Easter.  I am so thankful that amidst all these devastating storms that we've experienced this past week and even though our fence was destroyed, my family is safe and whole. 
At dinner, Tim shared that when Jackie woke up this morning and looked through her Easter basket, she commented that that the dumb, old bunny brought her jelly beans and chocolate.  Believe it or not, the girl does not like chocolate.  Or jelly beans.  This child of mine just cracks me up.  And I had a feeling that she would not be happy to see the jelly beans or the chocolate.  I had an ulterior motive when I put that stuff in her basket.  Uh-huh, I enjoy those chocolate marshmallow eggs.  But seriously, she got more than that in her basket.  There were those cute, purple peeps, a couple of small toys, and she got a butterfly magnet painting kit.  I don't believe in going all out at Easter time.  A basket with some treats and a small gift is good in my opinion.  I don't want my children to expect something every time there is some sort of holiday.  Ben got candy, too, along with a couple of new cars and a plastic boat.  The boat is a hit and in fact, it is in bed with Ben right now.  The thing cost just a dollar at Walmart (and believe it or not, it says on the bottom that it was made in the USA.  Woohoo, no China crap).  But Ben has been carrying it around all day.  He filled the bathroom sink up several times today just to see the boat float.  He is so cute.  And so funny. 
All in all, as wet as it was outside, it was a good day with my family.  Jackie and I ended the evening by watching the movie "Marley and Me." Of course, I bawled my eyes out at the end.  It was a good movie but the book was much better.  And I'll never forget reading the book just a couple of weeks after our beloved dog, Buffy, died five years ago this month.  I still miss Buffy.
I'm so thankful for such a nice day with my family today.  I love my kids so much and I couldn't help but hold them even closer today after thinking about the local mother who lost her beautiful 12-year old daughter just one weekend ago. I just cannot imagine how difficult it would be to bury a child and then celebrate Easter in the same week.  Once again, I am reminded that we must cherish our loved ones even in the midst of difficulty, as difficult as that may be. 

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Rosann said...

Samantha, thanks for sharing your day. It sounds like you and your family were truly blessed this Easter.

I also cried my eyes out at the end of Marley and Me. I don't have a pet, but it was a great movie!