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Friday, April 1, 2011

Got Him Good

Last night, I was thinking of a good way to get Tim good today.  And I wanted it to have something to do with his beloved bikes.  He has a Suzuki dirtbike and a KTM dirtbike. He also has a Harley Davidson.  But the dirtbikes are his favorites.  If I had planned it better, I would have enlisted somebody's help to move one of the dirtbikes and hide it somewhere and then just wait for Tim to notice the missing bike.  He would have freaked out. Well, he would have done more than that.  And Tim doesn't get freaked out often.  Since I didn't have time to put that plan together, I decided that I would just wake Tim this morning and excitedly tell him that one of the bikes is missing.  I could just imagine Tim sitting straight in bed and immediately running out into the garage with me.  Thankfully, Tim wears clothes to bed because in this case, I don't think he would have even taken time to get dressed before running out to find the thief.  That's how much those bikes mean to him.  And me?  I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face so I would have had to hide in a closet or in the basement.
As luck would have it, though, Tim was up early this morning (even on his day off!).  So, I had to come up with another idea.  Bingo! I thought of one right away.  Now I just had to make sure that Tim didn't go into the garage before I left to take Ben to school.  I got Jackie up and ready for school.  After I got her onto the bus, I proceeded to get Ben ready for school.  For a few moments, I thought my plan was derailed after Ben went into a major tantrum that lasted at least 15 minutes, making us late for school.  But after I got Ben calmed enough to get him into the car, I quickly ran back inside and from the hallway I asked Tim if he sold his KTM.  Tim flew out of the recliner at record speed and and started running toward the garage.  Meanwhile, I had already made my way back into the garage.  Tim nearly yanked off the door leading to the garage.  He believed me!  I turned around and noticed a huge look of relief on Tim's face after he saw that his beloved KTM was actually safe.  He then looked around the garage to make sure his other precious bikes were safe, too.  Me?  Well, I just acted innocent and nonchalantly got into the car to take Ben to school.  Even if I did try to say something to Tim, I wouldn't have been able to with the laughter that I was stifling.   Yeah, I'm evil like that.  And Tim just turned around and walked back into the house without a word.  I knew I got Tim good. After I returned back home, he admitted that I got him good.  Haha.
Next up?  Hmm, I may list the boat on  Anyone want a boat?
Or perhaps, I should take the dog to the vet and come back with news that the dog has gonorrhea.  I know of somebody who did that one year.  Only it was the cat had syphilis.  And her husband believed it! Now that was classic.

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Rosann said...

That's pretty funny! Sounds like you two have a great relationship and lots of fun together.

We didn't do any April Fools jokes in our house today. But then...the day isn't over yet either.