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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fool Recap

I know this is a late update.  It was a busy weekend. 
I got a lot of people on April Fool Day.  It was fun.  After my prank on Tim, I texted several of my friends to tell them that my dog has gonorrhea.  I nearly wet my pants from laughing at all the different responses that I received.  And every time I looked over at my dog, Lucy, I would laugh more.  With a little guilt. Poor dog.  And thankfully, she was oblivious to it all.  Otherwise, she may have been a tad embarrassed.  Then maybe not, since her nickname is Dumb Dog.
Later that afternoon, I told hubby about my prank with the doggy gonorrhea.  He laughed.  Then he asked if Lucy had it.  Um, no Dear.  Did you not learn from my prank that morning?  What a tool.  Or perhaps a fool?

PS. I do love my family.

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