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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will She Ever Learn?

I want to reassure that I love my kids with all my heart.  They mean the world to me and I would give my life for them. But oh, this daughter of mine is something else. I have to admit that I am often more attentive toward my son than I am toward my daughter because Jackie tends to be whiny and a drama queen.  She is just high maintenance.  I've been trying to make some positive changes in my life recently and one of those changes is to be more attentive toward Jackie and decrease the yelling.  It's been difficult because Jackie is so high maintenance but for the most part, I had been doing much better.  And I was starting to see improvement with Jackie.  Until this week. 
It started Monday afternoon.  I picked Jackie up from school and I noticed that she was wearing her glasses.  She had been doing much better at wearing them at school and I always make an effort to let Jackie know how proud I am of her for doing so.  It was no different that day.  After Jackie got into the car, we headed to her piano lesson downtown.  I failed to notice that Jackie did not have the glasses on when we arrived at the piano lesson.  After Jackie's lesson, we headed to the gym for another hour.  It wasn't until after we left the gym that I realized that Jackie did not have her glasses.  So I asked her about it.  She stated that she didn't know where the glasses were.  Yeah, right. I can't tell you how many times I heard that excuse.  I warned Jackie again about the possible eye surgery if she didn't wear the glasses.  She then told me that they were in the car. Where?  In the inside door handle.  I looked there.  The glasses were not there.  I then proceeded to tear up the back seat looking for the glasses. I looked under the seats and even behind the booster seats.  No glasses.  I asked Jackie about the last time she had them on.  Jackie took them off after I picked her up and before we arrived at the piano lesson.  I feel terrible but I lost my temper in a bad way.  Jackie has already lost a couple of pairs of glasses and she has destroyed several other pairs.  That's a lot of money, people! I told Jackie that she better start praying that we can find them and then we took off toward the music studio.  It was dark by this time and still raining and cold.  We arrived at the studio parking lot and drove up to where I had parked earlier that day.  I immediately noticed something on the ground and got out of the car and ran to it.  Sure enough, the glasses.  Flattened!  Miraculously, the lenses were still intact and unscathed.  The frames were another story.  I continued my verbal rampage with Jackie and we headed directly to Walmart vision center to see if we could just replace the frames since the lenses were good.  Walmart has a great policy that replaces children's glasses for any type of damage.  Even those that have been run over by a vehicle.  Unfortunately, those cute Dora the Explorer frames were discontinued.  The Dora frames that Jackie begged me for and PROMISED to wear if she could get those Dora frames.  The optician helped us fit Jackie with some other frames but Jackie's face is so small that we could not find another frame to fit nicely.  We did finally settle on a new frame but Jackie wasn't too thrilled about it.  For the meantime thought, the optician straightened out the Dora frames as best as he could as a temporary fix.  By this time, I was still upset but I had calmed down some.  Unfortunately, by the time we got home and I got the kids ready for bed, Jackie was convinced that I didn't love her.  She told me she didn't like me.  I tried my best to reassure her that I love her very much but that I don't like it when she disobeys me.  She knows the rule about her eyeglasses.  While at home, they are to either go on top of her dresser or she is to hand them to me.  And if we're not at home, she is to hand them directly to me if she needs a break from the glasses.  I reminded Jackie, once again, of the rules.  The next morning, Tuesday, Jackie was still a little sore with me and it showed in her attitude as I helped her get ready and get to the bus stop.  Before she got on the bus, I gave Jackie a kiss and told her that I love her.  She didn't reciprocate.  Oh well, I tried.  Maybe she'll understand when she gets older. 
After Jackie got on the bus, I got Ben ready for school.  After I dropped him off, I headed to the gym to work out with the plan to get Jackie's other replacement glasses from Sam's Club afterward.  Now these particular glasses are a replacement pair for the ones that Jackie intentionally broke a few months ago.  I didn't realize that the warranty was still in place when I purchased the Dora pair at Walmart.  The guy at Walmart advised me about it. (Thank you, LaShawn!)  I was afraid they wouldn't be covered because they were intentionally destroyed.  But we went ahead and got the Dora glasses with the idea that the pair from Sam's Club will be a back-up pair.  Good thing.  Except that I've been trying for several weeks to get these dang glasses from there.  It just never works out. It's too busy with a zillion customers needing help from just 2 opticians.  And I have 2 boorish kids with me at the time.  There is no way I am waiting more than a half hour when I have the 2 boorish kids with me.  Or I get there and there is no optical employee around.  Or I get there and there is a customer who is commanding way too much time from the lone optical employee.  Ugh!  The latter happened to me on Tuesday late morning.  After waiting forever for the lone, stressed out employee trying to help an arrogant customer, I had to leave because it was time to pick up Ben from school.  And I didn't leave there happy.  And my language showed it.  I've only been trying to get these dang glasses for the past 6 weeks and now I desperately need them for Jackie.  After I picked up Ben, I called Sam's optical and told the employee that he will have to just send me the glasses and I wanted them shipped ASAP because I was fed up with wasting my time and energy at that place.  If they need adjusting, I will just take them somewhere else.  Sam's Club is NOT the place to purchase eyeglasses. 
When I picked up Jackie from school, she was still convinced that I didn't love her.  She asked me why I didn't love her the "mostest".  I asked her what she meant.  Apparently, she thinks that I love Ben way more than I love her.  Well, that's just not true.  I explained to her again how her disobedience upsets me, especially in regard with cooperating with medical interventions.  I want the best for her and she's just determined to do her own thing.  I tried to show her favor by taking her with me when I went to Zumba that night. 
Today, Wednesday, Jackie seemed to have a better attitude toward me.  It made me happy to send Jackie off to school with a better attitude.  It was a busy day with making a couple of business calls.  Ben had an evaluation with a private speech therapist in the afternoon. That went well.  I'll have to explain that in a separate post.  After Ben's evaluation, we headed back home to pick up Jackie (I allowed her to ride the bus home today) and head to her physical therapy appointment.  After we arrived there, I noticed a text message from a friend.  Before I shut the car off, I texted my friend back and then I pushed the button to start closing my sunroof.  As I was doing this, I heard a squeal.  For a moment, I thought it sounded like Jackie but it was coming from outside.  I looked up immediately and saw that Jackie had her head sticking out my sunroof.  I did not realize that she had gotten out of her booster already and had stood up on my center console and stuck her head out of the sunroof.  Now, Jackie and Ben know the rule that they are NOT to climb onto my console or to climb into the front seat from the back.  It gets things dirty and I just don't want them acting like animals in my car.  They know the rule and they've been really good about following that rule.  I released the sunroof button right away and pushed the button to open the roof.  Thankfully, Jackie didn't suffer any injury. She just bumped her lower lip when she tried to duck back down.  But, it shook both of us.  I reminded Jackie of the rule about standing on my console.  I really hope Jackie learned a lesson this time about obedience and will remember it forever.  The glasses? Well, I'm not too sure she will ever learn that lesson.  Perhaps I should garnish Jackie's tooth fairy money.  That might pay for a tiny screw.
Needless to say, the first part of this week has been a frustrating one.  And I feel like a terrible mom for losing it with Jackie and her glasses dilemma.  But I am determined that it will end on a positive note.  Now pray for me please!

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