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Friday, March 25, 2011

Puppies For Sale

This is the title of a book written by Dan Clark, a contributing author for Chicken Soup For the Soul books.  It is a very short story, a book that may be enjoyed by all ages.  I bought this book years ago, before I thought I would ever have children or get married.  I really don't know why I bought.  Perhaps it was the cute title and cover.  Or perhaps it was because it reminded me of how I was bullied as a child.  When I bought the book, I never, ever imagined that I would have a child who would have a disability.  The first time I read this book to my precious daughter, I nearly could not finish for the tears flowing down. 
Since I'm unsure of the rules about coping a story in a blog, I will just provide a synopsis of the story.  This is in honor of Cerebral Palsy Awareness month.

A store owner posted a sign that he had some puppies for sale.  A little boy came inside the store and asked how much the puppies were selling for.  The store owner stated no less than $50 for each puppy.  The little boy handed over all the change he had in his pocket.  The amount totaled $2.37.  Then the boy asked to look at the puppies.  The store owner whistled and suddenly the mother dog and her 5 puppies came running out.  The little boy noticed a puppy who lagged behind, limping.  He asked what was wrong with the puppy.  The store owner shared that the puppy had a missing hip socket and that he would always limp.  The little boy wanted to buy that puppy.   The store owner told the boy that he wouldn't want to buy the puppy.  But if the boy really wanted that puppy, then the store owner said that he would just give the puppy to the little boy.  The boy became angry and told the store owner that he did not want the puppy for free.  He informed the store owner that the puppy was worth just as much as the other puppies and that he would pay full price.  The boy would pay a monthly payment until the full balance of $50 was paid.  The store owner tried to argue with the boy that the boy really would not want the dog because the dog would never be able to run and jump like other dogs.  In front of the store owner, the little boy pulled up his pant-leg to reveal a disabled leg being supported by a brace.  And he told the store owner that since he couldn't run well himself, then the puppy needed somebody like himself (the little boy) who understands.
As the book flap states, this inspirational story delivers a vivid message of human understanding and unconditional love.  This book means more to me now than I ever dreamed it would when I bought it years before Jackie was even a thought.  Unfortunately, this book is now out of print.  And good luck finding it on  This really is a book that should be included in every school library. Or even doctor's offices. 

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