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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pray For Carrington

I have recently become a follower of a fellow blogger.  She is getting ready to adopt 3 special needs children from overseas.  In one of her latest posts, she included a link to another blog asking for prayer for this very special little girl.  You have to read her story.  It is truly a miracle that this little girl, Carrington, even survived the plane trip to the US with her new adoptive parents.  She is 3 years old and weighed what a very young infant would weigh. Her picture is heartbreaking.  I just cannot get the picture out of my mind.  It is that horrific.  She looked worse than a concentration camp victim.  But thankfully, she is starting to show signs of improvement. 
Carrington has Down Syndrome.  I've always had a heart for special needs people, especially those with Down Syndrome or craniofacial anomalies.  If my husband was on board to adopt, I would jump at the chance to adopt one of these children.  I know, I know, I already have enough on my plate.  But this is one issue that has been close to my heart for many years. 
Please pray for Carrington.
The link is here:  Or you can just simply click on the button to the right.

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