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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Humor Week

This has been the week for humor.  It all started when Jackie made me the sweetest card saying that she loved me... but not everyday.  Then the next day, she told me that she was sorry she made the card.  Of course, I know she isn't.
One of my friends laughs at me all the time.  For some reason, she thinks that I'm funny.  Even when I'm being serious.  Just a random thought there.  I still like her, though. 
On Wednesday, I went back to the doctor for a consult.  Some of my friends may remember that I went to this doctor to see about getting a breast reduction.  Tricare did approve part of the surgery.  So, I thought, perhaps if I lose some weight, that would increase the likelihood that Tricare would cover the surgery in full.  I did not anticipate losing any weight on top.  In the past when I lost weight, I did not get smaller.  And I ended up getting larger after I had each of my children.  So, I've lost weight and toned up.  And surprisingly, I lost on top, too.  But, I still have discomfort around the neck and shoulders.  When I saw the doctor, she did not seem too pleased about my weight loss.  In fact, she asked me if I could put some weight back on because she was pretty sure that Tricare would not cover the surgery now.  I looked at her incredulously and then started to laugh.  I wasn't sure that she was serious at first.  But the expression on her face told me otherwise.  Well, the answer is NO, I will not put the weight back on.  I worked hard to get to where I am at now and I'm not looking back.
It snowed on Friday.  During the first week of Spring.  Yeah, nice trick Mother Nature. 
Friday afternoon, as I was stripping Jackie's bed to change her sheets, I found this:
It startled me for a moment before I realized it was fake.  I don't know who put it between the sheets.  Both of my children are pranksters. 
I was planning to work out this morning but I ended up sleeping a little later and I didn't have time to get the kids and myself ready to be at the class on time.  It's a good thing, too. Because Ben vomited a half hour after he awoke.  Projectile vomiting.  And what's funny is that there was no indication.  None.  He walked past me and as he did so, he just suddenly let loose.  As he was walking.  All over my bedroom carpet.  I guess his Ovaltine didn't settle well.  So off to the bath we went.  Then I had to suffer the task of cleaning up the horrid mess.  The day just went downhill from there.  Since my upright carpet cleaner doesn't work well anymore and my neighbor wasn't home for me to borrow his, I had to wait for Tim to get home from his fun morning so that I could go to the BX to find another carpet cleaner.
Right before I set out on my venture in search of a new carpet cleaner, it started to snow.  BIG snowflakes.  Fast and furious.  What the heck?! This is the first week of spring and my pretty lilies are already blooming.  Well, they aren't now.  Mother Nature is a little confused right now.   

After I got home from buying another carpet cleaner, Tim suggested that he wanted homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner.  So, off to Dierberg's I went to buy the missing ingredients.  I also bought a flavored, carbonated water which promptly exploded on me.  All over me.  My jeans, my feet, my white sweater.  And it was cold outside.  And I had to brush the snow off my back windshield.  With wet jeans and wet sweater.  And to make matters worse, the snow was driving so hard that it was even blowing inside of my sweater and against my skin.  Now I was really cold.
I had planned one more stop at St. Louis Bread but that plan was derailed.  I drove home and as I came into the house from the garage, Tim had to do a double take. I was walking bow-legged and I had red stuff all down the front of me.  Good thing he didn't laugh.  Because he would still be hurting.  So I changed into sweat pants and headed back out to the Bread Co.  Can't have soup without bread here. 
The dogs are another issue.  Tim seems to think that we should continue to provide comfortable beds for the dogs.  I disagree.  These pictures will tell you why I disagree:

Dumb dogs.  See that big pile of fluff? Just when I thought the beds had no more fluff in them, the dogs still managed to pull a good amount out of one of the beds.  See the chew holes?  The top picture shows the bottom of one of the beds.  I cannot tell you how much money we've spent on dog beds.  But I refuse to pay more than $5/bed any longer.  Perhaps I should wrap them in duct tape next time.  Oh never mind, they will find a way to destroy that, too.  I do have one of those dog cots but it's in the basement.  Want to know why it's in the basement?  It seems the dogs are determined to destroy that, too, as indicated by the chew marks.  Plus the kids seem to enjoy using the dog cot for their own pleasure and that just... well, it just skeeves me out.  The dogs aren't even allowed to sleep on the human beds.  We have looked for indestructible dog beds but after researching, we found this: 
This is a $200 ToughChew Indestructible Dog Bed by Orvis. They do offer a replacement if your dog “rips” it. This is our 3rd…they stopped sending replacements and gave us our money back!!  Um, no.  Not doing that, either. 
Here's to a better tomorrow (and week).  And no more snow until next Winter.  Oh, and by the way, the soup turned out really good.  I used an Amish-made noodle this time.

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