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Monday, February 14, 2011

Today Is a Day For Love

Yes, it is as I was sternly reminded this morning by my precious daughter. The morning started out as usual. I woke Jackie up and told her to get dressed for school and then come eat breakfast.  I was surprised at how quickly Jackie got dressed.  She is the pokiest kid.  After Jackie ate breakfast, I followed her into her room to see how she was progressing at finishing getting ready for school.  I noticed right away that Jackie had not obeyed me when I told her earlier to throw something away.  It was still sitting on her bedroom floor.  So, I reprimanded Jackie for her disobedience.  There was absolutely no yelling involved.  At. all.  I was stern and to the point.  Jackie then slowly looked up at me and slowly said to me "Mommy, you need to LOVE me.  It's a day for love.  Today is Valentine's Day."  Jackie is 6 years old.  Where does she get this?  Of course, my heart melted and I was laughing inside. 
After sending Jackie off to school, it was time to get Ben ready for school.  I got him dressed and fed.  Then I got myself ready to go to the gym after dropping Ben off at school.  After I brushed my hair, I noticed Ben grab the brush and brush his own hair.  Even though I had already combed Ben's hair, I didn't think anything of him brushing his hair again.  So then I went to insert my contacts.  I noticed Ben imitating my movements, from dipping his finger into the lens case to pretending that he was putting a contact into his eye.  Then he giggled.  Of course, that made me laugh.  Then I put on a little make-up and Ben imitated me again.  And giggled. What a little parrot.  Of course, I laughed again which made Ben laugh even more.  He is such a little cutie.  So far, this day was going great and it was a beautiful day on top.
As I was getting me and Ben ready to go out the door to school, I noticed something that made me a little sad.  Last night, after Tim went to bed, I placed his gifts and card in front of his coffee maker.  Surely he would notice them right away when he brews his morning coffee.  But today of all days, Tim did not make his coffee before work.  The gifts were untouched.  And I was really hoping that he would see them because one of the gifts is a framed photo of our family to put on his desk at work.  He's been wanting pictures to put on his desk.  After I dropped Ben off at school, I called Tim while I drove to the gym.  It turns out that Tim saw the stuff sitting there, after all, but for some reason he thought that I wanted him to wait until he came home from work.  Hmm, okay.  It was sitting in front of the coffee maker where he makes his morning coffee for a reason. 
This afternoon, I helped in Jackie's classroom during their Valentine party.  It was fun.  The kids enjoyed a couple of games, face painting, a couple of simple but cute crafts, cupcakes, and ice cream sundaes.  I really enjoy helping in Jackie's classroom on special occasions.  And I was very pleased that the teachers require the kids to pass out Valentine card (if they choose to do Valentines) to each student in the classroom instead of just whoever they choose.  I remember receiving very few Valentines because I was not a popular kid.  I remember the pain of rejection and it pleases me that the teachers today take measures to avoid that. 
So now I sit and wait for my Valentine to come home so he can open his gifts from me.  And here is a cute song dedicated to him.  I just think it's a cute song.  Don't know why except perhaps it reminds me of the boat that I rarely ride in.

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