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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is Just a Glimpse of Life in the Stewart Home

Snow day part 2, thus allowing Jackie's friend, T, to spend the night.  Do the kids sleep in after being up very late?  Noooo. 
Do I get to sleep uninterrupted?  NO! Ben joined me and Tim in bed sometime in the middle of the night.  And because I was tired from trying to sleep comfortably on the sliver of mattress that I was allotted, I finally kicked myself into Ben's bed sometime this morning.  I didn't get the best sleep but surprisingly, it didn't cause me to be more cantankerous than usual. 
The kids did enjoy playing this morning which made my day much easier as I did not have to break up as many fights.  Whew!
But, this is just a glimpse of how quickly things can go downhill here.  After I gave the kids lunch, Ben came to me to let me know that he had wet his pants.  In the kitchen.  On the tile floor, thankfully.  So, we went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and to get some clean underwear on.  As I was walking back toward the kitchen to clean up where Ben peed, I walked past the hall area where the dogs are confined and got a whiff.  A bad whiff. An unmistakable odor.  Oh no! Don't tell me.  Those dogs don't crap in the house!  I glanced over and sure enough, one of the dogs crapped in their area.  Gee, why does everything have to happen at once to cause me such crisis?  This all happened in a span of 2 minutes.  I just shook my head, held my nose, and proceeded to clean up Ben's pee.  While I was doing so, it suddenly struck me that the dogs had not been outside in several hours, at least not since Tim let them out after he woke up early this morning.  And since they were so quiet during their confinement, I honestly forgot they were there.  Poor dogs. And thankfully, everything happened on the tile floor, Ben's pee and all. 
So that's just a minute glimpse of our crazy family life, except that it usually doesn't involve dogs crapping in my house. 
It's another snow day tomorrow.  Gah!

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