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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mystery Solved

Make that plural.
Last evening, Tim wanted to go to a fish fry at the VFW.  We all went as a family even though I was not sure if the kids would eat anything there.  Jackie gags on fish so I was very pleased when I saw that the menu also offered spaghetti.  Score. So the kids got spaghetti.  The volunteers at the VFW were very friendly and one of the volunteers brought 2 cupcakes over for Jackie and Ben and told them that it was their treat after they finish eating their dinner.  Very friendly.
After Jackie and Ben ate a good portion of their spaghetti, I allowed them to have their cupcakes.  Ben ate his fairly quickly.  Jackie?  Well, she's just a pokey girl.  She was sitting there gingerly licking the frosting.  Then she would sit it down and just stare.  Finally, Tim and I had enough with it and gave her a choice to either throw it away or take it home.  I was hoping she would just throw it away but alas, my children hate to see sugar stuff go to waste.  So, I put the cupcake in one of those little paper trays (you know, the kind that can hold really greasy stuff), and I carried it out with us to the SUV.  We got to the SUV and when I opened my door, I noticed the cupcake was missing out of that paper tray.  Oooohh, Jackie was not going to be happy.  And in my quest to not be a litterbug, I looked around where I was standing for the elusive cupcake to no avail.  Oh well, it wasn't as if I was intentionally littering.  When Tim got into the driver's seat, I whispered to him what had happened and we both agreed that we hoped Jackie would not remember that darn cupcake.  After all, she had already dropped it onto it's top inside the VFW and in our quest to keep the peace, we were forced to slice off the top that had touched the floor instead of throwing it away.  Poor cupcake just didn't want to be eaten.  We got home and Jackie didn't say anything about her cupcake.  Whew!  Dodged that bullet.
I thought all was forgotten this morning as Jackie never asked for her beloved cupcake.  That is, until I backed my Honda out of the garage and glanced over at the SUV and lo and behold, what do I see?!  You got it, that elusive cupcake.  It was sitting on the running board of the SUV. I just burst out laughing.  How it stayed there during the drive home from the VFW is beyond me.  That cupcake was determined to live.  Laughing hysterically, I ran inside the house to tell Tim where the cupcake was.  We both had a good laugh before I went on my way to the gym.

I must also share the mystery of my missing socks.  It seems like I am having to replace my gym socks quite often because they go missing.  I couldn't figure out why my white gym socks kept going missing.  I just figured the washing machine was eating them, they were accidentally being thrown away, or the kids did something with them.  I think I have figured out the mystery.  One guess; Dumb Dog.  Yep, I caught her with my sock in her mouth and the sock already had a hole in the heel.  The dumb dog has been eating my socks!  Now I don't just have socks lying around all over the place but I do have a box that I immediately put my running/gym shoes and sometimes my socks into when I get home from the gym.  So, Lucy either swipes my socks out of there or she gets them out of my laundry folding pile.  I seriously think she does have pica.  She is known for eating non-food substances, especially paper and tissues, clean or dirty.  Here is proof from this morning after I discovered that Lucy had pulled my box of tissues off of the end table and started chowing down on tissues. Crazy dog!  But we love her anyway.

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