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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jackie Won the Character Award

That's right.  Remember this?
Last Monday afternoon, I received a phone call from the school social worker letting me know that Jackie was to receive the award on Friday (yesterday).  I had to ask her to clarify just to make sure that I heard her correctly.  I was stunned.  My Jackie won the big award.  Wow!  I was invited to attend the school assembly on Friday.  I was so excited for and so proud of Jackie.  Jackie had no clue what was about to occur.  Having no school for 3 days due to inclement weather starting Tuesday, I was getting a little worried that the award presentation would be delayed.    Fortunately, there was school on Friday because I don't know if I could have held the secret in much longer. 
Jackie was chosen based on several things including behavior, attitude, and perseverance.

Jackie received a certificate, a plaque, and a cool saving bank.  Isn't that bank the coolest gift? 

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Ms. Lisa said...

Jackie, you are SOOO deserving of this award. It is such an honor just to be nominated; but to be chosen out of all the nominations and all the kids at Whiteside is the hugest honor of all. I can't express how proud I am of you. Keep up the good work!!!! Love Ms. Lisa