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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jackie Lost Her First Tooth

Jackie was so excited about her loose tooth for the past few weeks.  She was excited to finally have a loose tooth after all of her friends already started to lose teeth.  Every day, she asked me to feel how much looser it was. The last few days, Jackie was starting to look a little snaggle-toothed.  And this morning was no different when I sent Jackie off to school. When I picked up Jackie at school this afternoon, Jackie immediately showed me her tooth.  It was barely hanging on.  During the drive to Jackie's OT appointment, Jackie was acting a little distressed about the placement of her loose tooth.  So, when we arrived at her appointment, I grabbed the tooth with a napkin and gently pulled at it.  I was surprised at how little effort it took as it came right out.  Jackie's excitement about losing a tooth soon turned to fear, especially after she noticed a little bit of blood oozing out of the now empty space. And I?  Well, I had to hold back the tears.  My baby lost her first tooth.  She's just growing up so quickly. 
I never really talked about the tooth fairy, yet, with Jackie but somebody must have because Jackie has been so excited about the money the tooth fairy is going to leave her.  Does anybody know the going rate for teeth these days?  I honestly have no clue.  Well, I guess I better go scrounge up some cash. 
Here is a picture of my beautiful little girl after losing her first tooth. 

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