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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Storm!

We are in the midst of a Winter Storm that started with light  freezing precipitation yesterday afternoon.  Before evening, our deck, grass, un-garaged vehicles, and trees were encased in a thin layer of ice.  The precipitation became heavier overnight.  Scott Air Force Base closed down to all but mission essential personnel.  If the base closes down, then this is a serious situation.  Of course, the schools are closed, too.  As well as most businesses.  The local mall closed early yesterday evening at 5 pm.  That's unheard of to close early except on a holiday.  I've been watching the news and I cannot believe the number of people who must brave the roads in these dangerous conditions. 
Our back door leading to the deck is frozen shut now.  So the dogs now have to go through the garage door to go outside. 
The sleet has already started and the forecast is calling for snow later on.  I am hoping that we do not lose our power but if we do, it won't be the first time.  I can't help but flashback to November/December 2006 when we experienced an ice storm that caused us to be without power from Thursday through Saturday.  There were no available hotel rooms unless we drove at least an hour east of us. 
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:
 View from living room
 View from living room
 Iced mailbox
 Tim's motorcycles are taking up valuable space.  No room for the SUV.  Thankfully, my Honda is safe and warm in the garage.

View from bedroom.

 Along the fence.

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