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Monday, February 21, 2011

Grumpy Am I?

Hubby called me grumpy today. Hmm, well, I haven't been able to work out since Friday because of the back pain.  The kids had no school and the hubby had the day off today. Day off number 4 for hubby and day off number 3 for children.  Yes, I am grumpy.  In fact, I am downright cantankerous.  And I don't like it when somebody doesn't put my kitchen cleaner back in the right place.  I'm sure hubby can't wait for me to hit the gym again.
I like it when school and work are in session.  Before I have to pick Ben up, I really, really enjoy those couple of hours free of fighting, clawing, screeching, punching, spitting, screaming, everything kids.  A little bit of solitude.  That's what I like.
But all's well that ends well.  It was a pleasant evening with my children after dinner and baths.  The kids picked up their toys and straightened their rooms with just a little bit of prodding.  And they went to bed without a fight.  Awesome!  I love my children. I really do.
And tomorrow, I am going to the gym, back pain or no back pain. 

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