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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Day

Today is my birthday and I was really hoping the kids would repeat the awesome birthday gift they gave me last year which was a day free of fighting, whining, etc.  And guess what?  They came very close to repeating it this year.  It was an ordinary but wonderful day for the most part.  Jackie went to school and I took Ben to preschool.  After I took Ben to preschool, I went to try a Bible study at a church.  Eh, interesting but I don't think it's for me. I just don't belong there.  After that, I got Ben from preschool and headed to the mall to meet up for lunch.  It was nice although it provided more proof of why I don't belong in religious settings anymore.
I had to get Jackie from school an hour early to take her to her Occupational therapy appointment.  Ben fell asleep so it was relatively quiet on the drive into St. Louis.  Ben woke up when we got to the hospital and he was grumpy.  But we got through it and after Jackie's therapy was over, we headed back home.
After we got home, we went out to Red Robin where I believe they have the best turkey burgers.  And I got myself a strawberry lemonade cupcake.  Yes, even though Tim got me an ice-cream cake.
Well, after enjoying a delicious meal, I had to go get my Zumba fix, so off to Zumba I went.  I promised the kids that they could stay up until I got home to enjoy the ice-cream cake.  After Zumba was over, I noticed that I missed a phone call from home.  I called home and Jackie answered.  In her cute, sweet voice, she asked when I was coming home.  I told her very soon.  Jackie told me to come home "now" because she wanted ice-cream cake.  Ha.  I got home and Jackie had tied her pink and purple lavender balloons on the chair.  Jackie told me that I needed to sit in the birthday chair.  So, I gave the Ben and Jackie each a piece of cake and I joined them at the table to enjoy my own piece of cake.  Jackie and Ben were so cute and so sweet.
Since it was way past their bedtime, after the kids finished their cake, they were so sweet and obedient when it came to brushing their teeth and getting into bed.  I couldn't believe it.  No poking around, no last minute potty, no whining, no fighting, no begging to watch Sprout, etc.  It was nothing but smiles and giggles.  And I loved it.  Even though it was much later than usual, I really enjoyed doing their bedtime routine tonight. The kids even stayed in their beds once I got them tucked in.  Thankfully, Tim had already gotten the kids bathed and dressed for bed before I got home from Zumba so that was one less hassle for me. 
Thank you, Ben and Jackie, for helping to make my day brighter.  I love you both with all my heart.  And thank you Tim for putting up with me for yet another year.  I love you, too.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, Tim let the kids pick out a pink IPod for me (my other, fairly new, Mp3 got messed up somehow).  And I'm getting a new gold chain for a couple of my gold pendants. 

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