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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anniversary Day

Today is my and Tim's 9th anniversary.  And it's been an adventure indeed.
I remember when I first met Tim.  I thought he was a nice enough guy but definitely not my type.  He had three strikes against him right away.  He was in the military, he owned a motorcycle, and he was follicularly impaired.  Our first date was at Carrabba's in Tampa.  That was the only thing I had planned to do with him.  Then I was going to go home and forget him.  But we ended up going for a drive and we even tried to go bowling but there were no lanes available at the bowling ally that we went to.  After our date, I still was not impressed.  It was the three strikes above.  No way was I going to marry a military man after having grown up in the military.  And I hated motorcycles.  I thought they were too loud and obnoxious.  And I just was not attracted to bald men.
Imagine my surprise when Tim called me the next day.  I was a little annoyed, actually.  But I decided to be polite and be a friend to him.  I caught myself by surprise when after several weeks of Tim pursuing me, I was starting to like him.  I'll never forget the moment when something inside me prodded me to allow myself to get to know Tim better and vice versa.  Tim had come over to my place with his bicycle to go riding around my little community of Safety Harbor.  I remember I kept riding ahead of him trying to subtly give him the hint that I was NOT interested in a relationship.  But it didn't work.  Thankfully. He left soon after we finished riding our bikes.  Moments later is when that moment occurred.
Just a couple of months after we met, Tim broke the news to me that he was preparing to be deployed for a few months.  Oh good, this was my chance to bail out.  But I don't know what happened. I didn't hear the words until they were already out of my mouth.  I had told him that I would wait.  I saw the look of relief on Tim's face and I knew I couldn't let him down.
After Tim came back from overseas, we continued to see each other.  Almost a year after we first met, Tim asked me to marry him.  He was so nervous.  And he was far from romantic.  In fact, he was downright romantically challenged.  But I loved him anyway.  Several weeks after we were engaged, Tim was deployed again, this time to Egypt.  I will never forget because he left the day before the 9/11 tragedy occurred.  I remember waiting anxiously to hear from Tim.  It took a couple of days and everyone there was allowed only 4 minutes to call just one person.  I was so happy to hear that he was okay.
Tim arrived back home just a couple of months before our wedding day.  We were a little nervous that Tim could be deployed again at any moment which would force a change in our wedding plans.  We even discussed the possibility of going to the courthouse to get married and having a ceremony later in the event that he should be deployed.  Thankfully, that did not occur and we were able to have our wedding at the base chapel.  With the potential for Tim's squadron to be deployed for the war, Tim was on a travel restriction which meant that he was not permitted to travel beyond two hours from base.  So, we were not able to go on a honeymoon.  However, we got a beautiful hotel room at the Don Cesar on St. Pete beach.  We spent a couple of nights there and enjoyed being on the beach.
The wedding day was overcast but otherwise, a beautiful day.  We held our wedding ceremony at the chapel on base.  Our chaplain was awesome.  Our reception was held at the officer's club which sort of overlooked Tampa Bay.  My cake was not a traditional white cake.  My aunt made the wedding cake and since I like to be different, I asked her to match the color to my bridesmaids dresses.  She was unable to get a good match to the color and the cake ended up being a very light teal.  It was still so beautiful.  And delicious.
Since Tim and I were unable to go on a honeymoon, I had hoped to plan a surprise get-away for our first anniversary.  Unfortunately, Tim was on standby for another deployment right before our first anniversary.  And unfortunately, the date kept getting pushed back.  And it was even more frustrating when Tim was not able to tell me where he was supposed to go because it was classified information.  Finally, I gave up on planning a trip.  And then soon after, the deployment was canceled altogether.  For awhile, I felt gipped that Tim and I were never able to celebrate with a honeymoon or anniversary trip but such is the life of a military wife.
I still sometimes cannot believe my life.  It's incredible because I was one of those girls who never aspired to be married or have children.  I always said that I would never get married and I was never giving birth to children.  Those things scared me.  But here I am; married with children.  And it isn't so bad, after all. So, never say never.
Oh, and Tim is now retired from the military, he now has 1 motorcycle and 2 dirt bikes, and he's still bald.

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