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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Happy Today

I had a doctor's appointment this morning for routine stuff.  I asked the nurse to tell me how much weight I've lost since I started working out in February of last year.  She was able to go as far back as March of last year and the difference between then and now was more than 16 pounds.  This is exciting news.  The nurse also reminded me that I also have to consider the muscle mass that I've gained, otherwise, my weight loss might possibly be more if I didn't lift weights and just counted on diet and light exercise.  Of course, I knew this.
I remember when I first joined the gym at the encouragement of a friend.  The first thing I knew I wanted to try was Zumba.  I was hooked right away.  This is coming from somebody who is not a dancer and not very coordinated.  I took dance for a very short time when I was much, much younger and found it to be kind of boring. But Zumba?  Not boring.  It's almost like a party atmosphere and I love it.  After a couple months of just doing zumba and a little bit of cardio exercises, I added personal training to help me build strength and stamina.  That is when I got back into running, too.  A few weeks after I started doing zumba, I noticed a slight difference in how my clothes fit.  Nothing major, though.  It wasn't until after I cut out sodas and other junk and got serious about strength training and running that I started to notice a real difference in how my clothes were fitting.  This motivated me to continue doing what I was doing.  There had been many times that I felt like quitting the strength training because it was grueling and exhausting.  I felt self-conscious and thought many times that I was just too old to be starting this stuff.  But when I saw the numbers at the scale continue to drop, I knew I had to keep trudging along.  I'm so glad I did because I finally got to where I actually enjoy working out most of the time.  It is also a nice feeling when I hear others encourage me to keep up the hard work.  It certainly is hard work, no doubt. 
Since joining the gym, I have tried other group exercise classes and I have enjoyed most of them.  I don't particularly enjoy the spinning class.  But I really enjoy zumba, ABC Fitness, and Kickfit/Turbokick.  I am currently into my third week of a 7-week kettlebell class.  Now that is a grueling class but I am looking forward to nice results with my arm and shoulder areas.  That is what keeps me going to that class because otherwise, I would have dropped out by now.  It is most certainly not a fun class.  In fact, I think I like it even less than spinning class.  But, I made the commitment for 7 weeks and I'm determined to get through it.  Thanks to Theresa.  It was her idea. 
I should also say that this past year has been a much better year depression wise.  I have shared previously about my battle with depression and anxiety.  I write about it much better than I talk about it.  I'd been told many times how exercise improves moods and helps with depression.  Well, I am proof that is true.  Regular exercise has definitely made a dramatic difference with my moods and confidence.  I still struggle with it at times, though. And I still struggle regularly with panic/anxiety.  I've cut out sodas pretty much and I limit my caffeine consumption to help me keep my panic/anxiety disorder in check.  
Since becoming more open about my struggles, I've had many people tell me what an inspiration I am.  When I first started this blog, I did not set out to be an inspiration to others.  I didn't think much of myself so how could I be an inspiration to others?  This blog started out merely as a way to keep our long-distance family and friends in touch.  But it has evolved into somewhat of a therapeutic tool for me.  It has also turned into a sort of networking tool in that I have been contacted by others and vice versa to share similar stories.  And in a sense, it is a learning tool for others and for myself.  This blog is more than I expected it to be and I'm thankful. 
Back to this morning.  The nurse practitioner was very pleased with my stats including my weight.  She said I was looking great and to keep up the good work.  She was concerned, however, that I am not taking in enough Vitamin D or Calcium.  I don't like to drink milk or eat cheese.  So she gave me a list of other foods and vitamins to help me get more Vitamin D.  She also ordered bloodwork for Vitamin D and some other test, a CA-something.  So now I have to add another goal of adding enough Vitamin D to my diet.  And does anybody have experience with endomitrial biopsy?
I am looking forward to a great year of wellness.  I am determined to continue with this routine of regular exercise not only for my own benefit but also for my children.  I want to be a good example of healthy living for my children to one day pass on to their own children.  It is more important than ever to me that I continue to live as healthy as possible so that I can be available for my children. 


Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Congratulations! You deserve to do the happy dance. :) It is always a good feeling to know that your hard work is worth all the effort. You keep going!
Hope you are having a great week!

Samantha said...

Thank you for the encouragement.

Kay said...

Congrats on your weight loss! You've worked hard at it and totally deserve it! :o) Could you facebook me the list of "other foods?" Ryger has a milk allergy and I'd love to see a list from a dr with stuff he could eat to pick up on the nutrients he's missing. Thanks!