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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Son Has Become Enamored...

with my bosom.  Yes, my girls.  And Ben is just 3.
So today after Zumba, I came home and got a shower before I was to take Jackie to choir practice and Awana.  Just as I got out of the shower, Ben comes running in to let me know that he had wet his pants.  So, with a towel wrapped around me, I took Ben's pants off and seated him on the toilet to finish.  Just as I did that, the towel that was wrapped around me came unwrapped.  Of course, Ben got a full view of me, sans clothing, and he promptly pointed up to my breasts and laughed.  Yes, I know, they're funny looking.
After I brought Jackie home tonight from the church, I sat on the sofa and Ben came over to sit on my lap.  He was being my sweet, snugly little boy when I felt the slightest pat on one of my breasts.  I just figured Ben didn't realize where his hand was at the time.  So no big deal.  That is, until he turned and with both hands, Ben quickly pinched me.  On both sides.  Ouch!  And yes, I was fully clothed.  I jumped and pulled Ben away. 
I couldn't help but remember when Ben did that same thing in December 2009 when he was just 2 years old.  We were in Texas for the holidays and to celebrate a relative's 90th Christmas birthday.  On New Year's Eve, Tim's cousin made reservations for everyone (relatives & friends) at a restaurant.  We were all waiting for our reservations to be honored.  I don't know what the delay was about but it was starting to get late for our little ones and they were starting to get a little wired in an effort to stay awake.  Finally, I picked up Ben and stood there in the waiting area with Ben cuddling on me.  Suddenly, he pulled back and with both hands, he quickly honked/pinched me.  In plain view of not only our party, but also the strangers seated around us.  I looked up quickly to see if anybody had just witnessed and it was quickly apparent to me that I had quite the audience.  People, including the strangers, were nearly rolling on the floor in laughter.  I could feel my face turn red from embarrassment.
It is such a joy to have my little boy. ;) 

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