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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Joys of Raising My Boy

I look at my little boy and see a baby still.  But he's no longer a baby.  He's three years old.  But I still have to remind myself that my little Ben is a big boy now.  He's doing big boy things.  He goes to preschool, too.  And he has a mind of his own.
Lately, some of the things that Ben has been doing is making me realize that my baby boy is growing up all too quickly.  And he figures things out so quickly that it boggles my mind.  A couple of weeks ago, Ben discovered how to disengage the lever door lock on the pantry door.  It is not an easy thing for little hands to maneuver.  In fact, even my 6-year was unable to disengage it until a couple of weeks ago, around the same time that Ben figured it out.  So now the kids are helping themselves to whatever they want in the pantry.  Grrr. 
My big boy is also a mischievous boy.  Lately, he has been a real big tease with the dogs.  In fact, Dugan is getting downright irritated with it and I don't blame him.  I do try to keep Ben from getting to crazy with the dogs. 
While cleaning house today, I walked past the sofa and noticed something behind it.  I looked closer and there was a box of cheese crackers.  Now the kids know my rule of eating in the kitchen and not in the family room.  It appears that Ben had helped himself to the crackers in the pantry that he now knows how to enter, and proceeded to sit next to the sofa while watching TV.  All while snacking on the crackers.  When I came around, Ben quickly hid the box of crackers behind the sofa hoping that I would not see that he was eating in the family room.  He thinks he's so smart.  Well, actually, he is.
The mischief did not stop there today.  We had a snowstorm last night that dumped several inches of snow.  After the snow stopped falling later in the afternoon, the kids asked if they could go outside to play in the snow.  So, they got bundled up and excitedly ran outside to play in the snow.  Ben quickly learned how to make a snowball to throw at his sister.  Needless to say, Jackie was not too thrilled about it.  Ben loves to irritate his sister.  After Ben had enough of throwing snow at his sister, he decided that it would be a great idea to throw a snowball inside the house.  Ben came up to the door with a snowball in his hand, opened up the door and promptly threw a snowball into the house.  It happened so quickly that we did not realize what Ben was up to.  He is so full of mischief and he knows it.  Thankfully, the snow didn't go too far and just landed on the hard floor in the foyer.  Easy cleanu-up. 

My boy is also growing up on the potty front.  And I'm not all that thrilled  You see, I like the idea of training little boys to potty while sitting on the toilet.  You know, it just keeps the pee messes to a minimum.  So Ben sits on the toilet and I've even taught him to wipe off  after he pees.  Good mom I am, huh?  I don't want him walking around with pee stains on the front of his pants.  Now Ben would rather just shake it off.  I can only assume that he learned that from his father.  So tonight, my big boy learned to pee standing up at the toilet.  I was a little sad for a moment.  Sad because  that means he is no longer a baby and is growing up into a big boy. And I dread the thought that my cleaning duties have just increased.  Aghhh! 
I enjoy being the mom of a little boy more than I ever imagined I would.  I remember when I was 5 months pregnant and finding out that we were going to have a boy.  I was totally unprepared for that idea.  This sounds terrible but I didn't want a boy.  I wasn't sure I would know what to do with a baby boy.  And since I always wanted a little sister, I guess I was hoping to live vicariously through Jackie by giving her a little sister.  But alas, that was not to be and I am so grateful.   My little boy is so fun, mischievous, loving, and just plain cute.  He's just the cutest little boy around.  And he just makes my heart melt with his sweet kisses and tight hugs.  I sure do love my son, mischief and all.

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