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Friday, January 28, 2011

Character Award Nomination

Jackie came home today with great news.  This is the second time this year that she has been nominated for Character Award. I'm so proud of her.

After this morning's episode with Ben, I wonder if he would be nominated as THE character of his class.  After I brushed Ben's hair this morning, he insisted on wearing one of his sister's hair bows. I told him no and that we need to get him to school.  He balked, so in order to keep the peace this morning, I obliged and told Ben that he could wear while in the car.  We got to the school and before I let Ben out of the car, I tried to take the bow away from Ben.  But he balked again.  I know I'm going to ruffle feathers but in order to get Ben to cooperate and walk into his class, I let him keep the bow on but I pulled the hood of his jacket over his head to hide it.  As soon as we got to Ben's class, I told the teacher assistant, Lisa, that we were having a little problem, hence the reason why he still had the hood on.  She looked at me with concern so I gently lifted up the hood enough for Lisa to see the bow.  She stifled a laugh which in turn made me nearly roll on the floor trying to stifle my own laughter.  Then Ben, being the character that he is, looked at me and Lisa, gave us a huge smile, and then he pulled the bow out of his hair and handed it to me.  That boy!  He has had me in stitches all week with his little antics. 

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