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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Want My Own Pillow For Christmas

I want my own pillow. Actually, I already have my own pillow but the mister in this house continues to use my pillow despite my pleas to leave my pillow alone. I do NOT like sharing my pillow and the mister knows it.  In fact, he thinks I'm mean because I am always getting on his case for using my pillow. He thinks I'm afraid of cooties.  That's right. Afraid of cooties.  And you know what?  Maybe he has a point.  I don't like other sweaty and/or drooly heads sharing my pillow.  I am very protective of my pillow. Sweat stains on pillows gross me out.  And the mister is notorious for sweat stains on pillows.  His head sweats like a hog.  Wait, hogs don't sweat.  Well, he sweats like a... hmm... a man?  Make that two men.  He just sweats.  His head sweats a lot.  So yes, he's got a point.  I don't want cooties on my pillow.  Nobody's cooties.  Not even my own children's cooties.
I have placed my pillow away from the bed, I have hidden it behind my armoire, I have hidden it under the bed.  I have used a different color pillow case to help the mister distinguish between his and my pillows.  All in an effort to protect my pillow from sweat cooties.  I have tried everything to get my point across that this is a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly. The mister says that he can't tell which one is my pillow.  Excuse me?  Hmph.  My pillow is temperpedic on one side.  My pillow always has a different pillow case than his.  He has more than one pillow.  One of them takes up 2/3 of head part of our bed.  It's huge and it's a down pillow.  One of his other pillows is really flat, the way he likes it.  I just cannot understand the mister's confusion about my pillow.
I do not even share my pillow with my own children.  They slobber. They drool, They lick.  Yes, lick.  Well,  not lately.  But my kids can be gross and as much as I love them, I don't want their cooties on my pillow, either.
I have asked the mister if he would like me to buy him a pillow like mine. No is his response.  Then why does he continue to use my pillow for his own personal use?
Sometimes I have to just laugh it off when I remember a church sermon that I heard years ago.   Mister and I were members of a very large church of which the pastor was the best pastor I have ever had.  (Unfortunately, that pastor along with one of his sons died a couple of years ago in a tragic accident).  I learned a lot from this particular pastor and I really admired him.  He was just awesome.  In one of his sermons one day, Rev. Pollock mentioned how he woke up in the middle of the night and his pillow was missing.  He felt around for it before waking up his wife to ask her if she knew where his pillow was. Her response?  "No honey, but you can have mine."  Now I thought that was so sweet of his wife.  I don't remember the point of his sermon that day but that particular part of his sermon is what I remember very clearly.  I think it may have had something to do with sacrifice. Anyway, the pastor's wife really is a sweetheart in person and I can see her offering her precious pillow to her husband.  I felt convicted.  I swallowed hard  and for a moment.  I thought, "goodness, I have to start sacrificing my pillow."  I could feel the anxiety building inside of me.  Of course, Tim, knowing how protective I am about my pillow, had to make a comment to me about it after church.  Yeah, haha.  I tried to be nicer about it after that sermon but I just could not bear the thought of my pillow being fouled up.
Even now, years later, I still often think of Rev. Pollock's comment about the pillow incident whenever I see my pillow on Tim's side of the bed.  I would like to be sacrificial and sweet about it like Rev. Pollock's wife, Dawn, was.  And I have tried to no avail.  I just cannot share my pillow.  With anybody.  No head cooties for me. And no slobber. Unless it's mine.  It just still makes me seethe every time I find my pillow where it DOESN'T belong on Tim's side. I'm just cantankerous when it comes to my pillow.
Somebody please tell me, will I have to share my pillow in heaven?

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