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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dora Is Letting Me Down

Okay, Dora!  I really do need your help.  You were supposed to come to my rescue but you're letting me down.
So, Jackie's new Dora eyeglasses arrived the day after I traveled to Florida with the kids.  Jackie seemed excited to get them.  So, when Tim flew into Tampa on Thanksgiving Day, he brought the new glasses with him.  Oh, good, Dora to the rescue.  Jackie put on her new glasses as soon as her Daddy unpacked them.  Well, the rescue was short-lived.  Five minutes to be exact.  Then the glasses were found on the floor.  Where somebody could step on them.  Familiar story?  You bet.

Jackie is notorious for leaving her glasses on the floor.  Intentionally.  So they could be stepped on.  So she would not have to wear them. I kept a close eye on Jackie and those glasses.  She complained they hurt.   She complained they were falling off.  She complained she couldn't see.  No matter how much everyone gushed over those new Dora glasses, Jackie was bent on having her way.  Again.  I reminded Jackie of her promise to wear the glasses if I allowed her to get the Dora ones.  Well, she did have a point about the glasses falling off.  But it happened only when she bent her head down.  I figured we would get the glasses adjusted when we returned to Illinois in just a few days. In the meantime, I made her wear them for a least a couple of hours at a time.
On Friday, Jackie refused to wear the glasses because she knew her cousin was coming to town and she did not want Olivia to see her wearing glasses.  You have got to be kidding me.  At six years old?  She's worried about others seeing her wearing glasses?  Where does this come from?  So poor vision takes precedence over being able to see clearly.  We arrived back home to Illinois on Monday.  When Jackie returned to school on Tuesday, I forgot to send her glasses along in Jackie's backpack.  When Jackie came home, she told me that her teacher asked about the glasses.  She seemed interested in showing them off to her teacher.  Oh good.  Maybe that was a good sign after all that Jackie will be cooperative this time.  No such luck.
After arriving home from school that day, I made Jackie put her glasses on.  Moments later, where are the glasses? They were on the floor.  Of course.  I again reminded Jackie of her promise to wear the Dora glasses.  I threatened to make Jackie wear an eye patch as the doctor had previously.  Jackie put the glasses on.  I finished mealtime with the family and then I took off for my Zumba class.  By the time I got home, Jackie was in bed.  I made sure to put the glasses in her backpack.
When I picked up Jackie from school on Wednesday, Jackie was wearing the glasses.  Hallelujah!  She got into the car where she promptly took off the glasses. We headed to the store to get the glasses adjusted. While we waited for the glasses to be adjusted, Jackie went over to one of the racks of frames.  I asked Jackie to sit down but Jackie insisted that she wanted to look at some new frames.  What?!  "You just got some new frames.  And lenses.  And it was your pick, little girl!"  Arghhh!!!!  The glasses were finally adjusted and we headed home where Jackie promptly took them off.  Why does this have to be such a struggle?  Dora, where are you?  You were supposed to rescue me.  
When I picked up Jackie early from school on Thursday for her occupational therapy appointment, I was pleased once again to see Jackie wearing her glasses.  Once in the car, I asked Jackie how everybody liked her glasses.  And how did Mrs. Gain like them?  Jackie's response?  "Mrs. Gains says they're lovely."  Oh really?  Now that was sweet.  And I do agree, the glasses are lovely.  They really are cute.  And one would think that the more people gush over these cute glasses, Jackie would want to wear them.  It doesn't really work for Jackie.
Jackie did wear them throughout her OT appointment and back home.  Once we arrived home, however, the mood changed again.  I started to prepare dinner while the kids played.  A few moments later, I noticed Jackie did not have the glasses on.  I asked Jackie where they were.  She immediately went over to where the glasses were.  laying on the floor.  Once again.  Oh, what am I going to do with this child and her glasses?  I made Jackie put the glasses back on.  A few moments later?  Uh-huh, you got it.  They were missing again.  I again asked Jackie where they were.  She immediately went over to the recliner where she had hidden the glasses under the recliner.  Once again, I made Jackie put them back on.  Right before I put dinner on the table, I noticed Jackie did not have the glasses on again.  Grrrr!  "Jackie, where are the glasses?"  I watched as Jackie walked over to the dining table and crawled underneath.  She had hidden them in a crevice underneath the tabletop!  I would never have known to look there.  After dinner, I took Jackie to her Daisy meeting but we left the glasses at home where I knew they would not be hidden for good.
I just don't know what to do anymore to win this battle other than to continue to nag Jackie.  I'm so afraid of her losing the vision in her left eye. It is that bad.  She must wear these corrective lenses or we will be looking at surgery.  I hope to avoid the surgical route as we are already looking at doing the second phase of Jackie's foot surgery very soon.  But then, surgery may just be the more economical way with the rate that we're having to replace or repair glasses just for Jackie. 
If anybody has any ideas, I would certainly welcome them.

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