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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ben's Birthday

After not sleeping very well last night and then getting up too early this morning, Ben still enjoyed a good day.  His daddy had the day off so they went to Denny's for breakfast while I got Jackie ready for school and onto the school bus.
After Ben returned home from breakfast, we just hung around the house until later afternoon.  I picked up Jackie from school a little early for our portrait appointment.  Tim was going to bring Ben separately and meet up with us at the studio.  After I picked up Jackie, we dropped off Mimi at Borders while the rest of us had our pictures taken.  Thankfully, both kids have birthdays in consecutive months so I was able to schedule Jackie's and  Ben's birthday pictures in addition to our family portrait.  As tired as Ben was, he was a good sport during the session and even during the proof viewing.
After selecting the pictures we wanted, Tim decided that we would go to Golden Corral because he thought the kids would enjoy all the treats there.  Yeah, right.  Of course, Ben would.  If he had his way, Ben would eat nothing but sugary crap.  So, off we went to the pigfest.  I was not looking forward to as I am not a huge fan of buffets.  Neither is Tim which is why I was surprised that he decided on it.  I just had to pray that I would not end up with food poisoning.  The kids did enjoy it, though, because they were allowed to pick whatever treats they wanted.  I had picked up an ice-cream cake this morning for Ben's celebration but since the kids already had their fill of cake and ice-cream at the buffet, I thought about just waiting on the ice-cream until tomorrow.
After dinner, we went home so Ben could open his presents.  Ben seemed to enjoy opening up his gifts and getting all Thomas the Train stuff.  Ben really enjoys trains and he gets so excited when he sees a real train.
We capped the evening off with a drive through the light display at the local shrine, Our Lady of the Snows.  It is an absolutely beautiful display and something that we enjoy doing every Christmas season.  I believe it is one of the largest display of lights in this part of the country.
On the way home, Ben fell asleep.  As tired as he was all day with the lack of sleep he experienced last night, I was surprised Ben didn't fall asleep earlier.  So as soon as we got home, I got my sweet baby boy ready for bed.  However, immediately after I tucked Ben into bed, he got a second wind and joined us in the living room.  He is still awake after 10pm and playing with his new Thomas toys.  Normally, he would be in bed but since it is his birthday today and he's been relatively quiet, I am enjoying his company.  I am so in awe of my sweet, handsome little boy.

I love you Ben.  Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

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