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Monday, November 8, 2010

I Need to Run Away For a Few Days

Ugh, what a day so far.  And it isn't even halfway over.  The weekend was so chaotic with my gallbladder attack and Jackie's eyeglass problems.  I was so looking forward to the new week, a good new week.  I am definitely not off to a good start. 
I got Jackie up and ready for school and got her off on the bus at 8:00.  After getting back to the house, I got breakfast ready for Ben.  Then I logged onto the computer to read the online newspaper.  Ben slept a little later this morning which I thought was great because he was so very wound up last night.  He was literally bouncing off the walls even past his normal bedtime.  In fact, Ben was so wound up that I was surprised that he didn't come sauntering out of his bedroom after I tucked him into bed.  So, I enjoyed those extra quiet minutes this morning before Ben woke up.  Because as soon as Ben woke up, he just picked up right where he left off last night.  It's going to be a long day with Ben, I just knew it.  While I was reading the online paper, Ben got my exercise ball out of my bedroom and before I realized it, he came running and rolling the ball very quickly into the family room.  Everything happened so quickly that I didn't even get a good look at what really happened. But from what I saw, Ben rolled the ball so quickly into the family room then jumped up on the ball which rolled him sideways where Ben landed hard against the coffee table.  He cried, more than he usually does when he's hurt.  Of course, I was worried right away about a head injury.  Ben kept pointing to the side of his head where he hurt.  I was able to get Ben up and walking right away which is hopefully a good sign.  I just kept observing him and checking his eyes.  I did notice that his behavior turned into near rage.  He started to throw some of his toys around violently.  Then he wanted me to put his pajamas back on him so he could go to bed.  That was very atypical behavior for Ben.  He refuses naps now and he wanted to go back to bed?  No way.  He needed to be observed. 
Soon after that episode, I received a text from Jackie's physical therapist asking if everything was okay.  Oops, I forgot about Jackie's rescheduled appointment at 8:00 am.  Jackie's OT is every other Thursday and the  PT is on the alternatings Thursday at 3:00 but since this Thursday is a holiday, the therapist rescheduled for this morning.  Oh boy.  With all of my kids' needs, it gets a little hectic trying to keep up with any changes. Gah!
So, while continuing to keep a close watch on Ben, I did a little house cleaning, went to the post office, then came back and fed Ben some lunch.  Then I received another text.  From the personal trainer this time. Asking if I was okay and that we were scheduled at 1:00 pm.   I did it again.  I missed another appointment today.  Double gah!   I hate when I do that, which is not too often thankfully. And today it happened twice. 
So now I can't help but wonder what is next.  I have to pick Jackie up early from school again today for an appointment with her pediatrician.  Hopefully, I'm right this time and there really is an appointment to show up for this afternoon.  With my luck today, it's very possible to show up for this appointment only to discover that Jackie is not on the schedule. 
After reading about one of my friend's posts about her week of "mis"adventures, I just hope that I don't end up trying to get into the wrong car today (thanks again for the good laugh Brooke). 
Tonight is the night that I have to pick up the Girl Scout cookies for distribution to Jackie's troop.  At least, I'm pretty sure it's tonight. I've triple and quadruple checked the time and location for pick-up. At the rate today is going, I'm just a little paranoid that I'll show up at the wrong place and at the wrong time.  And end up with the wrong cookies. 
I really do feel like running away for a few days.

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